These Are Must Have Apps for Work in 2016-2017

Must Have Apps

As Smartphones become ever smarter, more and more powerful apps are being published that make your work life a lot easier and crucially a lot more fun – I’m talking about you, Morning commute! Below are the must haves for what is left of 2016.


Wunderlist will ensure you that never miss anything off your to-do-list again. The app allows you to set reminds and due dates, share lists and converse about them. Whether it’s your groceries list, the kid’s Christmas list, the songs you need to download, or a holiday to plan, Wunderlist has got it covered. The app is sure to make you more productive.

Drop Box

Another extremely useful app is Dropbox. It offers 2GB of free storage, thus it it is an excellent way to back up photos, documents, and videos, and what’s more, you can use to send links for large files and share your stuff between devices.


Evernote is rather like a combination of Wunderlist and Dropbox. It’s essentially an online collection of photos, notes, PDF files, to-do-lists and audio clips, basically everything you’d ever wish to remember. The nifty thing is though, the indexing feature, once added into Evernote’s digital notebook, everything is completely searchable, so whatever you happen to be looking for will be easy to find.

Royal Vegas

One of the worst parts of working is the morning commute. Being squashed on the coach or train is particularly irksome, especially if the person sat next to you has a hygiene problem! However, with Royal Vegas’ new app, you can lose yourself in the glamorous and exciting world of online casino. With $1200 free for new players, it certainly makes your journey into work a lot more fun, and potentially profitable if you get lucky.

Life Sum

As well as taking care of your errands and down time, it’s also essential you take care of yourself, and Life sum is one of the best apps around for doing so. If you’re after a healthy lifestyle, then Life sum is the most practical app around. It allows you to track your meals, and charts your food and water intake and in turn, offers advice on how to improve your diet. With a host of diet and exercise plans installed in the app, it’s perfect for those looking to lose or gain weight, or even for those just looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Forest is a great app for people who are looking to be productive but struggle with procrastination through the medium of social media. The idea of the app is that you plant a seed and watch it grow into a tree. However, if you start to play with your phone and begin browsing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, your tree will slowly begin to die. It’s a clever and quirky method of ensuring productivity and will limit the amount of time you spend on social media, allowing you to get more done.


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