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Ludacris Released Word of Mouf 15 Years Ago Today

Ludacris Word of Mouf

It’s hard for me to fathom that Ludacris has been in the rap game for this year. Today marks the 15th anniversary of the release of his 2nd album, Word of Mouf. I’ve said so many times that Ludacris is one of the most underrated rappers EVER. For some reason, people never mention him as one of the better rappers for any era. He’s definitely in my top-20 and I would go further to mention him in my top-10 rappers of all time. It could be that he likes to have fun that they don’t take him seriously or maybe he’s from the south. Either way, his album, Word of Mouf is my favorite album from Ludacris because this album was full of hit. The album featured Three 6 Mafia, Nate Dogg, Twista, Jagged Edge, Jermaine Dupri and some of his label mates.

Area Codes

This was the first single from the album, but it also appeared on the Rush Hour 2 Soundtrack. Area Codes featured the late, great Nate Dogg and let’s say they killed this track. On this track, Ludacris showed how witty his metaphors are and of course, his love for women. This track was a huge success and the video made it that much better, so check out the video above.

Rollout (My Business)

This was the Timbaland-produced single that was released about a month and a half before the album was released. This was another track from Ludacris where he was just having fun. One thing came more apparent about Ludacris and that’s no matter what, he always came with the clever lyrics. If you haven’t peeped the video before, check it out above and see what I’m talking about.

Saturday (Oooh! Oooh!)

If you thought the first two singles were crazy, this track definitely surpassed both of them. This track was produced by Organized Noise and featured Sleepy Brown. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how old I am, whenever I listen to this song I’m going crazy. The whole vibe to this song is crazy and the video is even crazier, which you can see up above.

Move Bitch

The fourth and final single from the album featured Mystikal and I-20, which dropped almost six months after the album dropped. If you’re from the south or specifically the Atlanta area, you love Crunk Music no matter what. Move Bitch featured production by KLC, whose best known as part of the Beats by the Pound from the No Limit Records days. I’ll be honest; this was one of my dream collaborations because I’m a big fan of Ludacris and Mystikal. Peep the video for this track above and just enjoy it.


I know that several publications didn’t give Word of Mouf a favorable review, but I love this album. Word of Mouf had great music, funny skits and great lyrics to go with the guest appearances. Besides the four tracks mentioned above, there are other great tracks on this album I absolutely love on this album. Coming 2 America, Keep It On the Hush, Freaky Thangs and the hidden track, Welcome to Atlanta are some of my favorite tracks on the album. The track, Welcome to Atlanta was also featured on Jermaine Dupri’s Life in 1472 album. If this album isn’t in your hip hop collection, check it out here. The album has sold a little below 4 million copies ever since its release.

What are your thoughts about the Word of Mouf album? What are your thoughts about Ludacris? What’s your favorite track from this album? What’s your favorite Ludacris track ever? Head to the comments section below and give me some feedback or Tweet me your thoughts.

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