Win $75 Gift Card For Sling TV Subscriptions NOW!!!

The Gift Card is provided by Sling TV, but all opinions are 100% mine.

$75 Gift Card for Sling TV

Back in the summer, we as a family decided to cut the cable cord for good. For the most part, we were always busy, but we had like all these channels we didn’t ever watch. We figured, what’s the point of paying $125 dollars a month when we watched maybe ten channels at the most? Since we all have smart TVs, we’re able to download the app, watch live TV and save money in the long run. One of the best parts about this service is that you can choose a package for the channels you watch. We have the Sling Blue package that covers favorites, regional sports, top shows and more than available on multiple devices. The package cost $25 a month, but we also included the Sports and Kids Extra for an additional $15 a month. Below are some holiday deals from Sling TV.

Sling TV Holiday Offers

$75 Gift Card for Sling TV

Just in time for the holidays, Sling TV is now offering gift cards, so you can instantly give the gift of live TV to every entertainment-lover in your life. Gift cards can be applied toward any Sling TV subscription, and don’t require any long term contracts, credit checks or credit cards. Walmart stores carry $25 Sling TV gift cards, while Best Buy and GameStop will have $25-$100 gift cards. Don’t have time to run to the store? Buy a gift card online here.

Sling TV Device Deals

In addition to Sling TV gift cards, you can also set up your friends and family with the ultimate entertainment experience with one of Sling TV’s device deals. By pairing a streaming device with a Sling TV subscription, you can get instant access to live and on-demand entertainment, right to your big screen.

  • Apple TV – Get an Apple TV for just $89 (retail price: $149) when you prepay for three months of any Sling TV service. Visit the Sling TV website for this offer.
  • Roku – We have two great deals for Roku fans! Get 50% off a Roku Premiere+ (retail price: $100) when you prepay for three months of any Sling TV service. Or, you can get a free Roku Streaming Stick when you prepay for three months of Sling TV. Visit the Sling TV website for these offers.

Win $75 Sling TV Gift Card Towards Service

Have you still not cut the cord yet? If not, here’s your chance to try out Sling TV by winning the $75 gift card. The winner will receive the code after the giveaway, which is two weeks, which is the day after Christmas. Make sure you comment below to be eligible to win and best of luck to everyone.

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  1. We haven’t paid for cable in years. We haven’t tried Sling TV. We enjoy watching Amazon Fire TV and Netflix.

  2. I am still paying for cable. I havent tried Sling TV. My very favorite channel to wathc is Bravo.

  3. Adrienne Gordon says

    I still have cable and like AMC and TNT.

  4. Yes, we are still paying for cable. I like Bravo, Hallmark, History and Discovery channels

  5. I still use cable and I enjoy watching Ion, History, TBS and local stations.

  6. would live to try this!

  7. Sandy Klocinski says

    I am still paying for cable but am thinking about not resubscribing when I move in January. I have not tried Sling TV. My favorite channels as of right now are FoodTV and Animal Planet.. LOL… how age changes you!

  8. I’m not paying for cable, just living with over the air, the limited channels that I get. I wish I got CNN to start

  9. Debbi Wellenstein says

    We cut the cable cord earlier this year. We do have several streaming subscriptions, including Netflix and Hulu. I have heard about Sling TV, and I do want to try it. Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Christina Sparks says

    We do the over the air tv, I would be cool to be able to see things other then just what they show.

  11. beth shepherd says

    I am still paying but would love to try this. Thank you!

  12. I do not pay for cable since i got an antenna. I would love to try sling tv.

  13. Nicole Vosburgh says

    Yes we have SlingTV and love it! The HGTV channel is my favorite.

  14. Danielle Day says

    I have not tried it but would like to try it as cable is way too high.

  15. Dina Lindquist says

    I pay way too much for cable! My favorite channels are HBO, FX and AMC

  16. I aqm still paying for cable and until I saw this I had not heard of sling. Now I gotta have it

  17. I’ve never tried Sling we generally stick to Netflix. I enjoy watching shows like vampire diaries.

  18. I’m not paying for cable because I can’t afford it but very intersted in sling tV!

  19. Pretty sure a gift card would finally cut the Cox Communications cord…My husband had been talking about doing this for over a year!

  20. We still pay for Cable, even though we never use it hardly anymore! I have been interested in Sling TV for a while now, and am thinking of trying!

  21. KellieRose Wilson says

    I have satellite tv but I am very interested in trying Sling! Thanks for the chance! I love WestWorld

  22. Totally love my sling. My son watches USA shows down in Cayman

  23. Susan Christy says

    I don’t have cable or Sling TV. I miss CBS.

  24. Don’t have cable. I have tried Sling TV before and enjoyed it. My favorite channels are AMC and SundanceTV.

  25. i do not have cable i like to watch streaming tv because they have the channels that i like. i use sling tv to watch football and basketball.

  26. Janna Johnson says

    I am ditching my Dish at the end of the month for a Roku and SLING! Can’t wait to watch CNN on Sling TV!

  27. PATTY NIEDERT says

    I have been trying to decide if I should try Sling TV. It seems like it would really fit my needs. I did cancel cable a little over a year ago when my husband passed away. I was no longer able to fit that luxury into my budget. Right now I’m using Hulu with a Roku device and using a rabbit ears style antenna.

  28. Richard Hicks says

    We do over the air and find many good shows on nbc, abc and cbs

  29. Terry Bellender says

    Still on Local Cable here because of a TV/Internet package and of course Hubby’s Encore/Starz channel The Westerns..if it wasn’t for those 2 I would be sooooooooooooooooooo done with it..need the internet to run my Roku lol

  30. James Armstrong says

    Love sling tv and would love a $75 voucher 😉 Merry Christmas everyone!

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