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Rello The God Elaina Mione EP for Music Monday

Rello the God

Once again, we have another Music Monday courtesy of the homie, Rod McCoy. You can view what he had to write about Rello the God. For more from Rod McCoy, check out his Audible Hustle website for the latest music news.

The lyrical mercenary, Rello The GOD returns with his follow up album to “Not Guilty” with “Elaina Mione. A stunning concept album tactfully packaged to build replay value and illustrate an all too common scenario amongst dreamers and their chosen loves. Masterfully written and stylistically aligned with his previous releases, Rello doesn’t miss a step. Standout joints from the “Elaina Mione” EP include the jazzy-thumper “Most High”, the self-produced “Rich Nigga Mentality” and collaborative wave featuring label mate, Billy Vietlanta titled “Menu”.

An overall impressive album standing alone, but when inserted into a lineup of his latest releases – it easy to see that Rello is one of this year’s hardest working talents. Stream the “Elaina Mione” album in its entirety down below. There’s plenty of good vibes to go around.


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