Classic Track Mockingbird by Eminem from His Encore Album


Once again, I’m back with another Throwback Thursday track for you. With the news that Eminem will be dropping another album later this year, why not feature him. The other day I was listening to this Encore album, which is a dope disc by the way. It’s hard to believe that album was released over 13 years ago; man, time really flies by. Anyways, the track that stood out the most to me was Mockingbird, which was like a tribute to his daughter, Hailie Jade. Check out the track below and make sure you got the album because it got a few bangers on it.

Where are my Eminem fans? What’s your thoughts about Slim Shady? What’s your favorite track from Eminem? Check out Mockingbird by Eminem from his Encore album.


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