SmackDown Live Moments from Sioux Falls
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Top 10 SmackDown Live Moments from Sioux Falls

SmackDown Live Moments from Sioux Falls

While Raw took place in Omaha, SmackDown Live made their stop in Sioux Falls, SD. Coming into SmackDown, we knew Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura battled to see who would face Jinder Mahal at the Hell in a Cell PPV. Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens added to their budding rivalry with an explosive opening segment, which is a must see. After Shane attacked Owens, Mr. McMahon made the call to Daniel Bryan to indefinitely suspend him. If that wasn’t enough, we learned that Mr. McMahon will make an appearance next week to discuss the Shane/Kevin Owens ordeal. The WWE is hyping up next week’s SmackDown Live show as they’re billing it Sin City SmackDown. With so much going on next week, let’s check out this week’s top moments on SmackDown Live.

10- Kevin Owens told Shane that everyone in his family would’ve been better off if he didn’t survive his crash. Owens said Mr. McMahon, his wife and kids would’ve been better off, which caused Shane to snap as he told Owens to never mention his kids earlier. Shane went after officials, security and even almost swung on Daniel Bryan as he continued to beat on Owens at the announce table.

9- Sami Zayn missed the dive from the top rope allowing Aiden English to roll him up for the upset win. Sami Zayn deserves so much better than what they’re doing with him.

8- Baron Corbin took a cheap shot on Tye Dillinger, then he catapulted him into the ring post and hit the End of Days for the win.

7- Dolph Ziggler re-debuted by coming out as John Cena, Randy Savage and Naomi, then he cut a promo on the fans before leaving.

6- A.J. Styles told Tye Dillinger backstage he’ll face him next week for the United States title.

5- Carmella hit a kick on Natalya, which lead to a nearfall. James Ellsworth jumped on the apron, dropping the briefcase in the process and the referee thought she was cashing in her Money in the Bank opportunity. Carmella refused, got pissed at Ellsworth and threw the briefcase back to him. Natalya rolled her up from behind to pick up the win. Carmella cut a scathing promo on Ellsworth and told him she doesn’t want him with her anymore.

4- Kevin Owens complained to Daniel Bryan about the actions of Shane McMahon. Daniel Bryan told Shane that his dad to him to suspend Shane indefinitely.

3- James Ellsworth pleaded his case to Carmella in the backstage area and stated how sorry he was. Carmella told him that they’ll do things her way before kissing and slapping him.

2- Shinsuke Nakamura reversed an RKO attempt by hitting a reverse neck breaker on Orton. Nakamura ended up hitting the Kinshasa for the win and another chance for the WWE title.

1- Kevin Owens threatened Daniel Bryan that he could sue the WWE and there’s nothing no one could do anything about it. Daniel Bryan someone will be there next week to address, which Owens asked if he made Shane’s wife that mad to show up and Bryan said no. Next week we’ll have the return of Mr. McMahon to SmackDown Live from Vegas.


What did you think about this edition of SmackDown Live? What were your favorite moments? What do you think about the Shane McMahon/Kevin Owens feud so far? Leave a comment below.

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