JayZ Song Cry for Throwback Thursday

JayZ Song Cry for Throwback Thursday

Many people are still talking about the 444 album by JayZ. Some are even looking forward to his concert with his wife, Beyonce during the On the Run II Tour. For Throwback Thursday, let’s go back to 2001 when Jay-Z dropped his classic, Blueprint album. This is the album he put out Takeover where he went in on Nas and Mobb Deep. As many of us know, that ignited a major feud between Jigga and Nasir that many still talk about till this day. There are so many tracks that deserve shine from this album, but my featured track is Song Cry. This is a dope cut and one of my favorite JayZ tracks ever. Check out the track below and give me some feedback.

What do you think about the track? What are your thoughts on the Blueprint album? Do you think it’s the best JayZ album? Leave a comment below.


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