Dr. Dre Keep Their Heads Ringin for Throwback Thursday

Dr. Dre Keep Their Heads Ringin for Throwback Thursday

The movie Friday is one of my favorite movies of all-time. All fans of the movie are still hoping for an Ice Cube-Chris Tucker reunion 20+ years later. During the 90s, you couldn’t have a great movie without delivering a classic soundtrack to go with it. The soundtrack for Friday was great also, with it eventually going double platinum. You had a mixture of old-school tracks like Mary James from Rick James. My Throwback Thursday is one of the highlights of the Friday Soundtrack. Dr. Dre came through with a classic track for the soundtrack and it’s called Keep Their Heads Ringin. Of course, Dre brought the Death Row sound on this track and it’s an instant classic.

Do you remember the movie Friday? How about the soundtrack to Friday? Do you remember the track from Dr. Dre? Leave a comment below.


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