David Banner Cadillac on 22s for Throwback Thursday

David Banner Cadillac on 22s for Throwback Thursday

If you follow David Banner on any of his social media accounts, you know he’s an activist right now. Before this, if you check out his interviews, you can tell he’s a smart and articulate artist. Recently, he dropped his God Box album, which was eye-opening to say the least. Even before David Banner blew up as an artist, he was known as a dope producer. Back in 2003, he dropped his major label debut, Mississippi: The Album. The album featured Pastor Troy, Lil Jon, Fiend, Lil Flip and a few others. The Mississippi album was one of the dope projects that dropped back in 2003. My Throwback Thursday track is Cadillac on 22s, which is an amazing track. This is one of the dope and deep track, plus one of his best tracks he’s ever released. Check out the video below and see what I’m talking about.

What are your thoughts about the video? Are you a fan of David Banner? How about his debut album? Leave a comment below about anything related to David Banner.


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