Houston versus Golden State in 2018 Western Conference Finals

Houston versus Golden State in 2018 Western Conference Finals

After a surprising Game 1 between Boston and Cleveland, we have the Western Conference Finals. As expected, Houston handled the Utah Jazz in five games after Chris Paul put up 41 points in the closing game. I’ve said many times throughout the year, Houston is the one team that could beat the Warriors. The addition of Chris Paul has been magical, and the Rockets is more than their superstars. Clint Capella, P.J. Tucker, Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green have elevated their game. With Golden State, you already know what you’re getting from these guys. Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are three of the greatest shooters in league history. Draymond Green has been putting up points this postseason to go along with his defense, rebounding and assists. If they’re not enough, the bench for the Warriors have been lights out themselves.

Houston versus Golden State in 2018 Western Conference Finals  Houston versus Golden State in 2018 Western Conference Finals  Houston took out Minnesota and Utah in five games to reach the Western Conference Finals. Golden State did the same thing by taking out the San Antonio Spurs and New Orleans Pelicans. All season, Houston have stated they wanted the Warriors in the playoffs. During the regular season, Houston beat Golden State in two out of three games. Golden State have downplayed the matchup by saying they’re looking for another NBA Championship, not thinking about the Conference Finals. Steve Kerr even stated they have rings, which was taken as a shot at the Houston Rockets. We all know the history between Steph Curry and Chris Paul, he even stated Paul was his mentor when he entered the league. Unlike the Eastern Conference, everyone knew the Warriors and Rockets would meet here. This is probably the most exciting series in the NBA Playoffs.

With Houston, James Harden, Chris Paul and Eric Gordon can light it up at any given time. With Houston having the home-court advantage, can they used it to jump on the Warriors? James Harden is expected to take home the league MVP, can he continue that in this series? With this being the first Conference Finals appearance for Paul, how will he play? With Golden State, they’re the favorites to win this series and their 3rd title in four years. Who will have the biggest effect on defense: Draymond Green or Clint Capella? Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson versus James Harden, Chris Paul and Eric Gordon. Who you got? This should be a great series, but I can’t bet against the defending champs.

Golden State Wins Series 4-2 and Advance to the NBA Finals


Who do you have advancing out of this series? Who do you want to advance out of this series? Do you think Houston has a chance in beating the Warriors? Leave a comment below about anything related to the Rockets, Warriors, Harden, Paul, Durant, Curry or Thompson.


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