Big Daddy by Heavy D for Throwback Thursday

Big Daddy by Heavy D for Throwback Thursday

Growing up and even now, people around always told me that I favored Heavy D. My first experiences of him is when my dad bought me the first Heavy D & the Boys cassette, yes I did say cassette. It was his first album and I loved it. Recently, I peeped a mixtape which was the Best of Heavy D and the Boyz. Let’s just say that Heavy D had hits for days and I rode out to it the entire day. My only issue is, what track should be featured as my Throwback Thursday. The featured track is called Big Daddy and it was on his Waterbed Hev album. This is an awesome track from a really good album. Unfortunately, we lost Heavy D in November of 2011. Check out the video below for the featured track.

What are your thoughts on the featured track? What are your thoughts about Heavy D? How about the Waterbed Hev album? Leave a comment below about anything Heavy D related and RIP to him.


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