Tie-Free Father’s Day Gift Guide

Tie-Free Father’s Day Gift Guide

What was your first happy memory with your father? For many people, their dads were the ones who gave them their first bike, who comforted them after their first breakup, who worked hard to get them through college. If any of those happened to you, then you’re lucky to have a good dad. You may want to show him your appreciation this Father’s Day. One way to show him your love is to get him a gift—one that’ll mean a lot to him. After all, he may have sacrificed most of his life, so you can live yours. An occasional present is minor compared to what he gave up for you. That said, do you think a lousy tie is enough to express your love to your dad? Didn’t think so. Consider these Father’s Day gift ideas instead:

A Personal Effect

Tie-Free Father’s Day Gift Guide

Everyone has their own preferred pick-me-up. Some drink a hot brew in the morning, some need a cold beer at night, others do both. Many own a personal drinking instrument (i.e., mug, cup, flask, etc.) with which they can take a swig out of anytime they feel thirsty. If your dad has a refined taste for the high spirits like whiskey and vodka, you may want to get him a personalized flask from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts. Nothing says, “World’s Best Dad” better than the phrase “World’s Best Dad” and a caricature of your dad’s face engraved on a flask. Besides, wine and similar liquor, when consumed in moderation, are good for one’s health and reduces the risk of getting heart disease. So, get your old man a flask of good bourbon and drink to his health.

A Sleek Memento

Tie-Free Father’s Day Gift Guide

Your dad may still be carrying his cash around in a deteriorating leather wallet. As the years go by, that wallet becomes more decrepit. For some, it can be disheartening to see their possessions slowly crumble into dust, and to your old man, his wallet may become a metaphor of his aging self, reminding him of the fragile nature of life. Thus, get your pop a new wallet to instantly reverse any fatalistic thoughts. Carbon fiber wallets are indestructible and are made of the same material as that of high-speed sports cars. They’re lightweight, making them easy to carry, so get your dad one of those and make him feel young again.

An Open Line

Tie-Free Father’s Day Gift Guide

You probably want to keep in touch with your dad every day, especially if you live far apart from one another. iPhones let you talk to him via video call, allowing you to see if they’re well and good. Always having an open channel of communications to your family is important in today’s fast-moving world. In times of crisis, you and your dad (as well as your mom and the rest of your family) can support one another. Thus, this Father’s Day, make sure your father’s phone has the protection of an iPhone case so that it’ll stay functional.

A Gateway to Adventure

Tie-Free Father’s Day Gift Guide

Your dad may be reaching his retirement age soon (if he hasn’t already). Retirement can be boring, and health concerns may keep your father grounded at home. Thankfully, the Internet allows one to interact with the world from the comfort of one’s bed. Also, modern computer games are good at telling stories and immersing its players with their artificial worlds. If your dad was one of those cools kids in the ‘70s or ‘80s who played in video game arcades and still has a passion for video games today, you may want to get him a gaming PC as a Father’s Day gift so that he can finally go through his backlog of games. Retirement gives him a lot of free time to do that.

A Lucrative Hobby

Tie-Free Father’s Day Gift Guide

Retirement is also a wonderful time to engage in other hobbies. If your dad likes solving puzzles, then he’ll love picking locks. Both are similar, but the latter can turn into a profitable sideline. If your dad has a knack for it, he can become a locksmith, rescuing people who gets locked out of their homes or cars. A full set of locksmith tools can give your dad something to work on and get his hands busy. If your father’s an older fellow, this activity can train his hands to be steady and his mind sharp, keeping age-related mental illnesses at bay.

Ditch Your Tie Plans

Any of these five items are already a better Father’s Day gift than a common tie. However, don’t think that because these costs more, they’re worth more to your dad. You will always be their most cherished treasure, and your presence alone can make their day better. So, go to your father and tell him you love him.


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