7 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas Courtesy of Babbleboxx

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7 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas Courtesy of Babbleboxx

It’s hard to believe that Father’s Day is right around the corner. It’s the one day where it’s all about you, but it also makes me miss my dad even more. Every year it makes me appreciate fatherhood and my kids even more. For me, Father’s Day came a little early as my oldest daughter graduated from high school a couple weeks ago. Ever since my oldest two began working, they always try to go out of their way to get me something despite me telling them no. My youngest child is still making Father’s Day cards and have already told me she’s going to make another special even though she’s 13. Some other dads I talk to still don’t have a clue to what they want for this special day. Below are six items that should be on your list as Father’s Day approach.

Tickets to the 2019 U.S. Open Championship

7 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas Courtesy of Babbleboxx

Whether you’re a fan or not of golf, this is an experience of a lifetime. What better than witness one of the more historic professional championships that’s been around well over 100 years. The event takes place on June 16th of 2019, which is Father’s Day at the historic Pebble Beach, California. It’s a given that you’ll see the best players in the world like Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas, Justin Rose, Dustin Johnson and possibly Tiger Woods. What better way to enjoy Father’s Day than to enjoy the championship experience with your family. Tickets will go on sale on June 11th and you can purchase them here. There will be a variety of ticket packages available and they start at $60. The U.S. Open Championship is one of only four major championships, so you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity. You can also go here to purchase tickets.

MyHeritage DNA Testing Kit

7 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas Courtesy of Babbleboxx

7 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas Courtesy of Babbleboxx

One of the things me and my daughter is always discussing is our family history. Family history is important for you as a father, but also your kids to let them know who and where they come from. MyHeritage is the leading destination for family history research and DNA testing. MyHeritage uses leading technology and offers the most affordable price of all the leading DNA companies. You MyHeritage kit comes with instruction manual, cheek swab, vial to put sample in and transparent plastic bag to put your vial in, self-addressed envelope to return and serial number for activation. Your results include DNA matches that shows people that are related to you based on shared DNA. DNA Matches can confirm family relationships found through Smart Matches and Instant Discoveries.

The Ethnicity Estimate breaks down your ethnic background. With MyHeritage, there’s a total of 42 supported ethnicities, which is the most internationally diverse database. When you receive the results, they return them to you in a fun format, so you can watch and share the findings. If you have European ancestry, this is the best option for you. By using this coupon code BABBLEBOXX1 on this website, you can get free shipping of your very own MyHeritage DNA Testing Kit. Between now and June 17th, the kits are just $59. My kids are just as excited about the results because they want to know more about themselves. Also, for quite some time many people at work have said they thought I was of Indian, Spanish or Dominican descent. After all these years of saying, no I’m African-American so I can fully know my heritage.

Hanes Ultimate™ Men’s Comfort Flex Fit® Ultra Soft Boxer Briefs

7 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas Courtesy of Babbleboxx

You can never have enough boxer briefs in your drawer, right? What dad doesn’t want more boxer briefs to his stash? My wife always say that I never buy myself any underwear because she’s always got them for me. The Hanes Ultimate™ Men’s Comfort Flex Fit® Ultra Soft Boxer Briefs are the perfect gift for me. The boxer briefs are made from a soft cotton/modal for all day comfort, features FreshIQ™ advanced odor protection technology. Wicks away moisture to keep you cool and dry. Features a no ride-up leg, a soft, stretchable Comfort Flex® waistband, is tag-free for itch-free comfort. This will be the most comfortable boxer briefs you’ll ever have in your life. The place where I work gets hot at times so the innovative technology keeps me comfortable throughout the night. Go to Hanes.com, click this link and get 50% off.

Hanes Ultimate™ Men’s Comfort Fit White Crewneck Undershirt

7 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas Courtesy of Babbleboxx

Whether you need them for work, under your suit or just for everyday wearing, we need more undershirts. The Hanes Ultimate™ Men’s Comfort Fit White Crewneck Undershirt will be a great Father’s Day gift. The crewneck undershirt is made from a soft cotton/modal blend. The shirt gives you superior comfort, features Cool Comfort wicking fabric to keep you cool, a Lay Flat Collar to keep its shape. You can get your own by going to Hanes.com and get 50% off when you click this link. Usually I love wearing these shirts to work, but these are a must to wear at the gym.

Brand New Tie

7 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas Courtesy of Babbleboxx

Since me and my wife have been together for well over 20 years, we’ve started to date again. Once a month, we dress up and go out to dinner to talk and spend quality time. Most of my suites, if not all the suits I have doesn’t have a tie. My favorite color is blue, so I need a tie that goes with all my suits. The Blue Polka Dot Canary Tie from Ties.com is the perfect gift for me. This classic and versatile polka dot style is silk and standard with 3.25” width. Ties.com has a tie for any dad or for anyone that loves to wear different ties for assorted styles. Head to the Ties website and enter TIESXBABBLE15 to receive 15% off your order.

Grady’s Cold Brew -Bean Bag Cold Brew Kit

7 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas Courtesy of Babbleboxx

Look, I’m a huge fan of coffee and I’m sure a lot of dads can say the same thing. The Grady’s Cold Brew -Bean Bag Cold Brew Kit is perfect for cold brew lovers. With the help of our ultramodern “Pour and Store” Pouch, you’ll be brewing in no time. Just add water for 36 cups of iced coffee! The Bean Bags—literally, bags with ground coffee beans, chicory, and spices—soak overnight in water. In the morning, remove bags from pouch and discard or compost. Now you’re ready to dispense cold brew straight from the fridge. Coffee stays fresh for two weeks after brewing. Pouch can be rinsed and reused. By just adding water, you can instantly have cold brew coffee. With each Cold Brew Kit makes 36 servings of cold brew at less than a buck a cup!

This is kit is produces some great cold brew and it’s as good as any you’ll have. This taste great and it’s something that everyone in your family will love. Since I love black coffee, all I need to do is mix one-part Grady’s and water. To add flavor, just mix the Grady’s with some milk and you’ll get some great tasting brew. You want to taste something different, try mixing Grady’s with vodka for a cocktail, sparkling water for a coffee soda or over ice cream for true decadence. Head to the website to get 20% off Sitewide with code BABBLEBOXX20. This offer is valid now through June 30, 2018.

New Black Clover Hat

7 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas Courtesy of Babbleboxx

For all of you that don’t know me, I’ll admit that I love wearing hats. As I’ve gotten older I’m more about getting things for comfort. With the Black Clover Hats, these are the ultimate when it comes to hats that fit properly and comfortable. This is my second Black Clover Hat as my first one is grey. This premium headwear is high quality and extremely comfortable. The distinct clover on the front and our motto “Live Lucky” on the side, it’s hard to mistake a Black Clover hat for another, but style isn’t the only thing that makes our headwear unique. Head to the Black Clover Hat website between now and June 30th to get 15% off when you enter the promo code lucky15.


Are you looking forward to Father’s Day? Are you someone that doesn’t have a clue on what to get their father or husband? If not, don’t worry we have you covered as these 7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas.


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