Classic Track Jay Z Excuse Me Miss for Throwback Thursday

Jay Z Excuse Me Miss for Throwback Thursday

In the hip hop world, people are still buzzing about the Drake diss by Pusha T. Of course, he borrowed the instrumental from The Story of O.J. from the 444 album by Jay-Z. Honestly, that album didn’t grow on me like other albums from Jay-Z. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a good album as I’m currently listening to it now. For Throwback Thursday I’m going back to his Blueprint 2 album, which was the follow-up to the Blueprint. The featured track is Excuse Me Miss. This has always been one of my favorite Jay-Z joints. Excuse Me Miss is just a smooth track with Pharrell on the hook. Check out the video below.

What are you thoughts about the Blueprint 2 album? How about the track, Excuse Me Miss? Leave a comment below about anything related to Jay-Z or the Blueprint 2 album.


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