My Philosophy from Boogie Down Productions

My Philosophy from Boogie Down Productions

The Boogie Down Productions is one of the more underrated groups of all-time. As time has gone by, it’s to the point where they’re not even mentioned before. The original group consisted of KRS-One, D-Nice and DJ Scott La Rock. One of the reasons could be the untimely of DJ Scott La Rock as he was murdered in 1987, five months after their debut album. Criminal Minded set the bar really high after its debut, but they went all out with their 2nd album a year later. By All Means Necessary displayed KRS-One looking outside a window holding a gun like Malcolm X. At the end of May, they celebrated their 30-year anniversary of the release of this album. My Throwback Thursday track is the opening track from the album, My Philosophy. This is an incredibly dope track that shows the lyricism of KRS-One that made him a great MC.

Where are all my old-school hip hop fans? Do you remember the Boogie Down Productions? What do you think about the track, My Philosophy? This track and album had so many quotables that it’s crazy. Leave a comment below and enjoy!


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