Daddy’s Hangout 2018 SummerSlam Review

Daddy’s Hangout 2018 SummerSlam Review

The WWE has made Brooklyn its home for the weekend until Tuesday. Saturday night was another NXTTakeover event. SummerSlam has finally arrived and there were a few matches that intrigued me. Brock Lesnar defended the Universal title Against Roman Reigns. A.J. Styles put his WWE Title on the line against Samoa Joe. Dolph Ziggler battled Seth Rollins for the Intercontinental Championship. Carmella put her SmackDown Women’s Title Against Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. Ronda Rousey tried for her first title in the WWE as she battled Alexa Bliss. Let’s see how things turned out.

Daddy’s Hangout 2018 SummerSlam Review

We started things off with the Intercontinental Championship with Dolph Ziggler defending against Seth Rollins. As expected, this match delivered as both of these guys are always going all out. Great action throughout the match and once it seems like Rollins would lose by countout after a sick DDT by Ziggler on the apron. Seth eventually fought off a ZigZag attempt, connected on a superkick and Rollins went for the frog splash, but Ziggler got his knees up and almost pinned Seth. Rollins hit a sick inverted superflex followed by another on the apron for a near pinfall. McIntyre rammed Ambrose into the steel steps distracting Rollins when he was going for the Stomp. Ziggler hit the Zig Zag and almost pinned Rollins as Seth was busted open. Ziggler set up for a superkick, but Ambrose grabbed McIntyre, hit the Dirty Deeds on the floor and Rollins hit the superkick and Stomp for the win. Winner and New Intercontinental Champ: Seth Rollins

Match Rating- A+: This was a damn good way to start off the PPV. The crowd was really into the match as they chanted it was AWESOME!

Daddy’s Hangout 2018 SummerSlam Review

We had the Bludgeon Brothers defending their SmackDown Live tag team titles against the New Day. The Bludgeon Brothers dominated New Day from the start of the match with Rowan and Harper beating down Xavier Woods. They took out Big E on the outside before heading back into the ring to beat on Woods some more. Woods reversed a powerbomb attempt on Harper on the steel steps to finally get the advantage. Woods finally tagged in Big E and he hit belly-to-belly suplexes on the outside on both of them. They continue to fight on the floor and the action went back to the ring. Woods sets up the Limit Breaker. Harper rolls out of the ring to the floor. Woods hits the Limit Breaker off the top out to the floor! Big E. and Woods set up the Up UpDownDown. Rowen hits Woods with a mallet to cause the disqualification. Winners by DQ: New Day

Match Rating- B: This was the best match the Harper & Rowan have had since becoming the Bludgeon Brothers. Overall entertaining match, but wasn’t a fan of the DQ finish, but I’m sure it’ll lead to something else.

Daddy’s Hangout 2018 SummerSlam Review

We had Braun Strowman battling Kevin Owens for his MITB briefcase. As soon as the bell rang, Strowman squashes Owens in the corner a couple of times, but Owens rolled to the outside. On the outside, Strowman runs him over twice. Owens hit Strowman with a superkick, but Braun was unfazed. Strowman hit a sick chokeslam on the metal ramp, tosses Owens in the ring and hit the powerslam for the win. Winner: Braun Strowman

Match Rating- B: This was a certified squash match! Guess they’re building up Braun strongly once again and the crowd loved it.

Daddy’s Hangout 2018 SummerSlam Review

Carmella put her SmackDown Women’s Championship on the line against Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. Carmella played mind games throughout the match putting Lynch & Flair against each other. The ending came when Lynch put Carmella in the DisArmHer twice. On the second one, Flair hit the Natural Selection on Lynch to win the match and championship. Winner and New SmackDown Women’s Champ: Charlotte

Match Rating- B+: This match played out perfectly, but Lynch turning on Charlotte after they hugged after the match was perfect. The Brooklyn crowd ate it up and cheered Lynch as she attacked Charlotte.

Daddy’s Hangout 2018 SummerSlam Review

A.J. Styles put his WWE Championship on the line against his old TNA foe, Samoa Joe. These two put on a clinic as expected and the Brooklyn crowd was into it. Joe played mind games from the start by introducing Styles wife and daughter in the crowd and saying daddy will be home tonight. They battled throughout the match with both almost gaining nearfalls in the process. Joe almost won the title after hitting a sick, snap powerslam on the champ. Styles rolls Joe into the Calf Crusher. Joe grabs Styles head and slams it into the mat over and over again. Joe puts Styles in the Coquina Clutch. Styles gets his foot on the rope. Joe calls for the Muscle Buster. Styles fights out of it. Joe obliterates Styles with a leaping head kick. Styles falls off the top to the floor. Joe sends Styles head first into the ring steps. Joe grabs a mic and tells Style’s wife that he will be her new daddy. Styles spears Joe off the announce table through the barricade. Styles grabs a chair and hits Joe with it to cause the disqualification. Winner: Samoa Joe

Match Rating- A: This is the best match either has wrestled all year and they should meet again at the Hell in A Cell PPV.

Daddy’s Hangout 2018 SummerSlam Review

This is a match that many have been dying to see for the past 3 years. Daniel Bryan finally got his chance to get a hold of his old foe, the Miz. As expected, this one had action from the beginning of the bell and they were all over the place. Daniel Bryan looked like his old self and the Miz is one of the more underrated wrestlers in the WWE. Things picked up when Bryan went for a kick on the apron and accidentally hit the ring post. Miz took advantage by applying the Figure Four on Bryan. Bryan reverses the hold. Miz gets to the rope to break the hold. Bryan kicks Miz in the back of the head. Bryan elbows Miz in the head over and over again. Bryan puts Miz in the Yes! Lock. Miz manages to get to the bottom rope. Miz falls out of the ring. Bryan dropkicks Miz into the barricade. Maryse hands Miz something while the referee isn’t looking. Miz hits Bryan with a pair of what looks like brass knuckles. Miz decks Bryan with the knuckles and pins him. Winner: The Miz

Match Rating- A: Awesome match! Great storytelling throughout the match and with Maryse helping Miz win, it doesn’t hurt Bryan. Is the reason Miz won because of the Daniel Bryan contract situation?

Daddy’s Hangout 2018 SummerSlam Review

We had Finn Balor taking on the Constable Baron Corbin for what we hope for the last time. In a shocking move, Balor came out to his Demon persona and I’ll be honest, it’s amazing especially with the graphics and clouds above the TitanTron. This was another squash match as Balor dominated and finished Corbin with the Coup De Grace. Winner: Finn Balor

Match Rating- B-: It was great seeing his Demon persona and hopefully this is the beginning of a push for Balor.

Daddy’s Hangout 2018 SummerSlam Review

Shinsuke Nakamura defended his United States Championship against former champ, Jeff Hardy. These two put on a physical match as expected as Nakamura was the aggressor. Things picked up more steam when Hardy hit the Twist of Fate, then Swanton Bomb by Hardy. Nakamura gets his hand on the rope to break the pin. Hardy hits another Twist of Fate. Nakamura rolls out to the apron. Hardy tries a Swanton. Nakamura moves and Hardy crashes and burns on the apron. Nakamura sends Hardy back into the ring. Ax kick by Nakamura. Nakamura hits the Kinshasa for the win! Winner and Still United States Champ: Shinsuke Nakamura

Match Rating- B: After the match, Orton hit the ring, looked at Hardy and head back to the back. Weird!!

Daddy’s Hangout 2018 SummerSlam Review

Alexa Bliss defended her Raw Women’s Championship against Ronda Rousey. Bliss tried playing mind games with Rousey, but it didn’t work at all. Rousey offers to give Bliss the ring. Rousey turns her back and sits in the middle of the ring. Bliss circles. Bliss puts Rousey in a sleeper. Rousey gets to her feet with ease. Rousey destroys Bliss with a snapping Samoan drop. Bliss heads out of the ring and Rousey follows and as Bliss runs back in the ring, she attacks Rousey. Rousey got the advantage, twisted the arm of Bliss in a sick way, but she wouldn’t tap out. Rousey sits back in a modified armbar and Bliss taps. Winner and New Raw Women’s Champ: Ronda Rousey

Match Rating- C: Really wasn’t much of a match as Rousey basically squashed the champ.

Daddy’s Hangout 2018 SummerSlam Review

We finally have the main event with Brock Lesnar defending his Universal Championship against Roman Reigns. Before the match started, Strowman came down to the ring and told them he’ll cash in the contract on whoever wins tonight. As the bell rang, Reigns hit three Superman Punches and Spears, but on the third spear, Brock caught him and put him in the guillotine. Things picked up when Reigns went to spear Lesnar again but missed and hit Strowman on the outside. Lesnar goes outside and hits an F5 on Strowman. Lesnar hits Strowman with the briefcase. Lesnar tosses the briefcase all the way up the ramp. Lesnar hits Strowman with a chair. Lesnar gets back in the ring and Reigns hits a Spear for the win! Winner and New Universal Champ: Roman Reigns

Match Rating- B: I liked them having Strowman involved because the crowd would’ve booed these guys out of the building. Glad to finally have a new champ, but it appeared Lesnar got his shoulder up. Was it supposed to happen or was that Brock being Brock?


Overall Rating: B- This wasn’t a great PPV, but it was entertaining, and we had a few title changes. Below are my top 3 matches of the night.

  1. Dolph Ziggler© vs. Seth Rollins
  2. A.J. Styles© vs. Samoa Joe
  3. The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan


What did you think about SummerSlam? What was your favorite match of the night? How about your favorite moment? Let me know your thoughts below.





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