10 Professional eCommerce Website Builders for Online Stores

Today, entrepreneurs have a few website development and marketing options that allow them to design their web platforms and run them the way they want to. Listed below are the top 10 best e-commerce builder websites you can check out.


10 Professional eCommerce Website Builders for Online Stores

The Shopify interface comes with a seamless UX and over a hundred themes that can be used for large and small-scale stores alike. The platform allows you to insert product catalogs, add multiple payment gateways, track orders and shipment, insert discount coupons and add social media buttons. The Buy Button enables you to categorize the products and generate leads quickly.


10 Professional eCommerce Website Builders for Online Stores

Volusion is a leading e-commerce platform that offers users a degree of creative freedom and technical flexibility. The 11 pre-set templates are responsive, customizable and mobile-friendly. Also, the WYSIWYG framework allows for real-time editing and live previews. Volusion allows you to build product catalogs, add payment gateways, integrate shopping carts, recover previous orders etc. What’s more, you can add contact forms, newsletters, CTA buttons, integrate maps, track your performance using Google Analytics using the third-party plugins.


10 Professional eCommerce Website Builders for Online Stores

Wix is among the best e-commerce website builder in the market that comes with all the latest functionalities and features. It is integrated with ADI that designs the web store for you based on a few questions you’ve answered. Plus, there are hundreds of template options to choose from which cater to different business models from the food industry to photography portfolios and shopping sites.


10 Professional eCommerce Website Builders for Online Stores

Weebly comes with contemporary themes that allow greater customization and mobile compatibility to your store. Also, the dashboard loaded with editing tools enable you to add text, image, and videos with equal ease. You can integrate carts, calculate taxes, customize product catalogs and social media buttons. One can even add storefront pages and categories aside from the main page. The Weebly App offers third-party extensions and tech support. Plus, Weebly is integrated with multiple payment gateways, what more could you want?


10 Professional eCommerce Website Builders for Online Stores

Squarespace is a truly professional space for e-commerce entrepreneurs who want to build a functional store without any hassles. Here, the themes and templates are minimalistic, clean and very well-organized. These templates are divided into categories and cater to different business models. The Layout Engine framework allows for both drag and drops editing and control over the meta tags and HTML source codes. External plugins include Google Analytics services, Mail Chimp, Ship Station shipping solutions, and maps.


10 Professional eCommerce Website Builders for Online Stores

Jimdo is an e-commerce website builder that caters to small and growing businesses. The drag and drop framework requires no technical expertise. However, on the downside, you don’t get a lot of customization options. The preset themes and ready made layouts are all mobile-friendly and versatile. The live on-site editor allows you to make real-time changes to the page, add text, insert images, videos, integrate payment gateways, use SEO tools and CMS etc. in a few minutes. You can even add discount codes and multimedia plugins for getting greater leads.

Big Commerce

10 Professional eCommerce Website Builders for Online Stores

Big Commerce is a platform that suits large-scale enterprises and e-commerce stores that require professional features and functionalities. The drag and drop interface is interactive, intuitive and very user-friendly. The dashboard is replete with editing tools for adding text and image to the ready made themes and layouts you’ve selected. Also, you can also preview the changes made on the store in real-time, as it would appear on the user-end browser. With Big Commerce you can even post listings and sync your content with the cloud, reaching more leads and converting them to sales.


10 Professional eCommerce Website Builders for Online Stores

GoDaddy is a massive platform for domain registration services and has now ventured out into website designing as well. The platform is robust, responsive and user-friendly to say the least. Also, it has over 300 themes, all of which are customized for mobile devices. The GoCentral Online Store is a feature that allows you to build an e-commerce platform in but a few simple clicks. The listing setup allows you to add as many as 1500 photos. Furthermore, you can also add payment gateways, integrate carts, recover shopping orders and handle multiple transactions from a single place.


10 Professional eCommerce Website Builders for Online Stores

1ShoppingCart has come a long way since its launch and currently supports over 3 million businesses online. The interface is customizable for mobile devices and makes listing products online a lot easier and quicker. You get a good number of themes and layouts, each flexible enough to be tweaked according to your design needs. The layouts often come with images and videos that you can use to build product catalogs, add newsletter options, CTA buttons, and other e-commerce functionalities. The analytics section further allows you to tweak your email campaigns and add flexibility to the store.


10 Professional eCommerce Website Builders for Online Stores

Duda comes with responsive drag and drops functionality and a dashboard loaded with customizable tools for editing product catalogs, adding carts and newsletter options. There are numerous themes and layouts suitable for travel sites, one-page sites, and other business models. The preview section on the side allows you a real-time view of the site as it would appear on the user-end browser. Duda is a multilingual platform that offers RSS integration, SEO solutions and CMS tools as well. It supports Stripe, PayPal and about 30 other payment options and several other plugins.

The Bottom Line

You no longer must hire professionals and spend a fortune over something as simple as building a website. These website builders for e-commerce got you covered.


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