Royalty by Gang Starr for Throwback Thursday

Royalty by Gang Starr for Throwback Thursday

My love for hip hop goes back a while now. We can say it began the magical year of 1988. For us Hip Hop heads, that was the original Golden Era. Throughout the years, I’ve had so many albums whether it’s cassette tapes, CDs or even Vinyl’s. Since I’ve had my Apple Music account, every now and then I run into an album that brings me back to a certain place. Recently, I was browsing a hip hop site and they were talking about the Moment of Truth album from Gang Starr. Of course, GangStarr is made up of Guru and DJ Premier. Guru was one of the dopest MCs ever and Premier is one of the best producers you’ll find. The Hard to Earn made me a fan of theirs, but the Moment of Truth joint is one of my all-time favorite albums.

Unfortunately, we loss Guru back in 2010 after suffering a heart attack and going into a coma. In honor of Guru, my Throwback Thursday track is Royalty that’s off the Moment of Truth album. Peep the video and all the guest appearances.


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