We Belong Together Mariah Carey for Throwback Thursday

We Belong Together Mariah Carey for Throwback Thursday

Time definitely flies by really fast seeing that Thursday have arrived again. We all know it’s time for another Throwback Thursday. We’re going the slow jam route and it’s none other than Mariah Carey. She have been putting it down for damn near 30 years and she still look great. In 2005, Mariah Carey had a career resurrection when she released her 10th album, The Emancipation of Mimi. The album became her highest selling project in almost a decade, and it went in to sell over 10 million records worldwide. The album was dope as she delivered with the vocals as always and the production was top notched. My Throwback Thursday from Mariah Carey is her smash hit, We Belong Together. Billboard called the track the Song of the Decade as it spent 14 weeks as the #1 song in America.

Jermaine Dupri did his thing on this track as he handled a lot of the classic tracks on the album. We Belong Together is one of her best tracks and hopefully you’ll enjoy this classic record. Check out the video below and give me some feedback on We Belong Together or anything Mariah Carey related.


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