Clipse Grindin for Throwback Thursday

Clipse Grindin for Throwback Thursday

This week one of the albums that made my Playlist was from Pusha T. The album, Fear of God II was a really good project. If you follow Hip Hop then you know that his album, Daytona was one of the best albums of last year. Pusha T also beefed with Drake and dropped a crazy diss record. Pusha T is one of the more underappreciated rappers in the last 20 years. Well before signing with Kanye West, Pusha T was in a group called the Clipse with his brother, Malice. One of my favorite tracks from the Clipse is my Throwback Thursday track. This track is produced by the Neptunes whom they were signed to and it’s called Grindin. The beat on this track is amazing and Pusha T and Malice did their thing. Check out the track below and give me your thoughts about the track.


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