Daddy’s Hangout Presents Mixtape Friday Volume 10
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Daddy’s Hangout Presents Mixtape Friday Volume 10

Daddy’s Hangout Presents Mixtape Friday Volume 10

Once again, we have arrived at another Friday. We all know it’s time for another edition of Mixtape Friday. This week there were only a total of five albums that was bumped. Everything started off with the new album from Future. Afterwards, a pair of legendary groups were up next. Run DMC Greatest Hits and Public Enemy’s It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. Many people consider the Public Enemy album to be one of the best albums ever. It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back is also party of the original Golden Era. Last week’s compilation was next and that had a total of 34 tracks. Honestly, last week’s Mixtape Friday is my best one to date.

After that one, The Game and DJ Keyz was up next. The Game mixtape is basically some of his best collaborations. 2 Chainz new album was next. Rap or Go to the League is a damn good album and probably my favorite one from him. To finish the week, it was Poverty’s Paradise from Naughty by Nature. As you can see below, this week is a total of 22 tracks. This is a good mixture of old and new school to go along with trap music. Check out the track listing below and it’s followed by the stream link.

  1. The Game- Hate It or Love It ft. 50 Cent
  2. Naughty by Nature- Feel Me Flow
  3. Run DMC- My Adidas
  4. 2 Chainz- Threat 2 Society
  5. Public Enemy- Rebel Without A Pause
  6. The Game- How We Do ft. 50 Cent
  7. Future- Never Stop
  8. 2 Chainz- Marsha Ambrosious
  9. Public Enemy- Don’t Believe the Hype
  10. Naughty by Nature- Craziest
  11. Run DMC- Peter Piper
  12. Public Enemy- Bring the Noise
  13. The Game- We Ain’t ft. Eminem
  14. 2 Chainz- Money in the Way
  15. Naughty by Nature- Clap Yo Hands
  16. Public Enemy- Night of the Living Baseheads
  17. 2 Chainz- Sam
  18. Run DMC- It’s Tricky
  19. The Game- Runnin ft. Tony Yayo
  20. Future- Ain’t Comin Back
  21. Run DMC- King of Rock
  22. Naughty by Nature- Sunshine

What do you think about this edition of Mixtape Friday? What’s your favorite track on the compilation? Leave some feedback below about Mixtape Friday Volume 10.

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