Daddy’s Hangout WrestleMania 35 Review

Daddy’s Hangout WrestleMania 35 Review

WrestleMania 35 have come and gone! The weekend started with another amazing NXTTakeover and it was followed by the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame. First things first, WrestleMania was long, I mean really, really long. If you include the preshow, there was about seven hours of action and I’m exhausted. Instead of talking about what supposed to happen, we’re going to jump right into it.

Daddy’s Hangout WrestleMania 35 Review

After Alexa Bliss introduced Hulk Hogan and they did their thing, Paul Heyman barged by both to head to the ring. Heyman said if Lesnar can’t be in the main event, he’s ready to get the match over now so Lesnar can go to Vegas. Heyman made reference about the UFC where its rumored that Lesnar will fight Cormier this summer. Before the match, Lesnar attacked Rollins as he was trying to step in the ring. Lesnar beat the hell out of Rollins inside and outside the ring. The referee continued to check on Rollins, but Lesnar continued his onslaught. The referee finally called for the bell to start the match and Lesnar continued to attack Rollins. Rollins finally got the advantage on a low blow when the back of the referee was turned. Rollins continued to go at Lesnar and eventually hitting the Stomp. Rollins hit a couple more Stomps on Lesnar and pinned him. Winner and New Universal Champion: Seth Rollins

Match Rating: 3/5- The official match was short, but the crowd was really into it. Seeing Rollins win the championship felt good for not only Lesnar losing, but Rollins winning the belt.

Daddy’s Hangout WrestleMania 35 Review

We had a battle between two of the all-time greats as A.J. Styles battled Randy Orton. This feud has been good with both of them throwing some hard-hitting shots at one another. Orton talked about how he’s been great on the biggest stage and Styles was great on a smaller stage. Styles laid claim that Orton needed a machine behind him, and he’s always needed help. This was one of the matches that I was looking forward to because they’re great wrestlers. If you were looking for a pure wrestling match, this was the one for you. Throughout the match, there were a lot of counters and just good wrestling. Orton went for the RKO several times, while Styles went for his finishing maneuvers also. Orton eventually hit the RKO, but Styles kicked out to everybody’s surprise. During the match, Styles hit a sick Phenomenal Forearm onto Orton who was on the floor. AJ brings Orton back into the ring. AJ springboards up and Orton goes for the RKO but it’s blocked. AJ hits the Phenomenal Forearm for the pin to win. Winner: A.J. Styles

Match Rating: 3.5/5- While the crowd didn’t seem to be really into this one, it was a damn good match. Honestly, Orton may need a change of scenery especially with the upcoming shakeup.

Daddy’s Hangout WrestleMania 35 Review

It was time for the Fatal 4-Way match for the SmackDown tag team championships. The Usos put their titles on the line against Ricochet & Aleister Black, The Bar and Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev. This match was really fun to watch. First off, Ricochet is freakin awesome as you never know what he’ll do in the ring. We saw a lot of spots during this match and the crowd ate them up. Cesaro did his swing on Ricochet in what seemed like forever. While Cesaro was doing that, Sheamus grabbed the other wrestlers and did his beating on their chest as the crowd counted one at a time. Later in the match, the Usos and the Bar were on the middle or top rope with Ricochet. Rusev & Nakamura came in the ring and helped slam all the competitors. Ricochet managed to ease his landing, hit his 630 Splash on Sheamus but everyone helped break it up. Jey tags himself in and flies off the top at Sheamus but Cesaro meets him in mid-air with a big uppercut. Jimmy levels Cesaro. Rusev decks him. Black Mass to Rusev. Everyone gets their finishers in now as chaos takes over. More back and forth between the teams. The Usos double superkick Sheamus and take him down. The Usos climb to opposite corners and hit the big double Superfly splash on Sheamus to get the pin to retain. Winners and Still SmackDown Tag Champs: The Usos

Match Rating: 3.5/5- This was an amazing and exciting match. With the Usos resigning with the WWE, it was the right decision for them to retain.

Daddy’s Hangout WrestleMania 35 Review

We had the Falls Count Anywhere match between Shane McMahon and the Miz. As we all know, Shane turned on the Miz after they lost against the Usos at the Fastlane PPV. Things became personal when Shane put his hands on the Miz’s father. As far as the match, we all knew that Shane would do something crazy. They opened the match with Shane on the attack. Shane eventually bust the head of Miz open with one of the monitors. As the Miz lay on the announce table, Shane went to the top rope, but the Miz’s dad stopped Shane and hit the ring. Shane and Miz’s father had a standoff, but Shane eventually attacked him which prompted Miz to beat up Shane. They went into the audience where Miz worked on Shane pretty good with Shane taking a few bumps. They eventually made their way up one of the scaffolds where a camera was at. Shane begged for forgiveness, but Miz continued to beat up Shane. Miz hit a suplex from the top of the scaffold onto a platform below. Shane fell on top of the Miz and the referee counted to three allowing Shane to pick up the win. Winner: Shane McMahon

Match Rating: 3.25/5- This match was better than expected. With this finish, I’m expecting something else to happen between these two because the feud won’t end like that.

Daddy’s Hangout WrestleMania 35 Review

Sasha Banks & Bayley put up their Women’s tag titles against the IIconics, Nia Jax & Tamina and Natalya & Beth Phoenix. This match came about because Banks & Bayley said they want to face any and everybody. The IIconics actually have a win over the champs. Nia Jax, Tamina, Natalya and Beth Phoenix have been going at each other since the Fastlane PPV. The match didn’t do too much for me, but Beth Phoenix showed she’s still strong as hell. Nia Jax was getting double teamed throughout the match and the IIconics were being sneaky. In the end, Phoenix goes for a huge super Glam Slam from up high and she hits it but The IIconics steal the pin as Key pins Bayley for the titles. Winners and New Women’s Tag Champs: The IIconics

Match Rating: 2.75/5- The match wasn’t anything special, but it was a cool moment to see the IIconics win the belts as they were genuinely thrilled as were the fans.

Daddy’s Hangout WrestleMania 35 Review

After so many twists and turns, Kofi Kingston finally got his opportunity at Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship. The crowd was chanting for Kofi before his music hit. The match saw Bryan dominate throughout the match as he used his submissions and technical skills. Kingston kept coming back showing his will not to quit. Throughout the match, it seems like Bryan was going to end it early. Towards the end, Bryan grabs Kofi by the arms and delivers stomps to him as Woods and Big E cheer him on. More back and forth now as he can’t put him away. Bryan goes for the LeBell Lock again. Kofi slides out of a move and mounts Bryan with strikes. Kofi holds Bryan by his arms now while delivering stomps. The fans chant “yes!” as he stomps. Kofi stands tall and plays to the crowd as they start the “New Day rocks” chants. Bryan gets up and Kofi drops him with Trouble in Paradise for the pin to win. Winner and New WWE Champion: Kofi Kingston

Match Rating: 4.25/5- This was an awesome match between these two. I’m still in shock that Vince put the belt on Kofi. This was an amazing feel good story and seeing his sons hit the ring added more to it. Seeing the superstars in the back was the icing on the cake.

Daddy’s Hangout WrestleMania 35 Review

Samoa Joe defended his United States Championship against Rey Mysterio. The bell rings and Joe goes right to work on Rey. Rey fights back and goes for an early 619 and nails it. Rey goes to fly but Joe catches him and applies the Coquina Clutch, dropping to the mat and looking to end the match soon after it begins. The referee checks on Rey and he passes out to end the short match. Winner and Still United States Champ: Samoa Joe

Match Rating: Squash- Rey Mysterio was rumored to be hurt so I’m guessing that’s the reason for the quick match.

Daddy’s Hangout WrestleMania 35 Review

We had the returning Roman Reigns taking on the Scottish psychopath in Drew McIntyre. Coming into the match, the thinking was this would be a brutal match. It was a non-sanctioned match and seeing the history of McIntyre taking out members of the Shield would add to it. Throughout the match, they beat the hell out of each other. The match felt like it was missing something, and the finish seemed to come out of nowhere. Reigns calls for the Superman Punch but Drew dodges it and hits a headbutt. Reigns nails the Superman Punch. Reigns waits for Drew to get up and then delivers the Spear for the pin to win. Winner: Roman Reigns

Match Rating: 2.75/5- I understand having Reigns win the match, but they could’ve had him do more to finally take down McIntyre.

Daddy’s Hangout WrestleMania 35 Review

We had the matchup between two former members of Evolution. Batista returned to WWE for the 70th birthday celebration for Ric Flair. Batista attacked Flair and left him laying in need of medical attention to get the attention of Triple H. Later on, Batista said they would do things on his terms and Triple H put his career on the line. The match started with Triple H attacking Batista with tools. Triple H tried to break the fingers of Batista with vise grips and yanked out his nose ring with needle noses. Triple H even choked Batista with a chain. They used the steel steps, sledgehammer and anything at ringside. After Batista hit a big DDT on HHH, Ric Flair appeared out of nowhere to hand HHH a sledgehammer. Flair then has words with Batista from ringside as Batista also has a sledgehammer. Flair taunts Batista and Batista is angry. Triple H gets up with his sledgehammer, runs and leaps off the steps with the sledgehammer, decking Batista in the face with it. Triple H delivers another Pedigree for the pin to win. Winner: Triple H

Match Rating: 3/5- This match really went on way too long. After the match, Batista announced his retirement on Twitter.

Daddy’s Hangout WrestleMania 35 Review

We had the retirement match for Kurt Angle. There were so much controversy surrounding this match because no one wanted Baron Corbin to be the final match for Angle. The match itself wasn’t as bad as people thought it would be. Baron Corbin picked up the win and people were shocked, After the match, Angle gave a speech thanking the fans for their support over his career. Winner: Baron Corbin

Match Rating: 2.5/5- I’m glad Angle retired because he’s definitely showing his age and I don’t want him to get hurt. Kurt Angle is probably the greatest all-around wrestler I’ve ever seen.

Daddy’s Hangout WrestleMania 35 Review

Bobby Lashley defended the Intercontinental Championship against former champ, Finn Balor. As we all knew ahead of time, we got to see Balor come out as the Demon. I’m a huge fan of Bobby Lashley, but he’s really bland to me at this point. They both got in a good amount of offense on each other. They go to the floor and Lashley sends Balor into the barrier. Lashley charges but Balor nails a Slingblade on the floor. Balor sends Lashley into the barrier again. Lashley ends up nailing a huge Spear from the ring to knock Balor off the apron to the floor. Lashley with another big Spear in the ring now. Lashley with a close 2 count. Balor fights out of a powerbomb attempt and delivers kicks and knees. Balor softens Lashley with more kicks in hopes of powerbombing him. Balor finally hits the powerbomb for a pop. Balor goes to the top and hits the Coup de Grace for the win. Winner and New Intercontinental Champ: Finn Balor

Match Rating: 2.5/5- Hopefully this feud is over, and Balor can move on and make the IC title great again.

Daddy’s Hangout WrestleMania 35 Review

We finally have the main event and it’s a Winner Takes All. Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch battled to see who’ll take home the Raw & SmackDown Women’s Championships. Let me say that these ladies deserved the main event spot. Rousey have been amazing since she’s been a part of the WWE. Charlotte will go down as one of, if not the best female wrestler of all-time. Becky Lynch have taken her talent to another level and the fans absolutely love her. The match had the perfect build, but it was missing something throughout the match. The ladies did their thing as you can see the injuries to their bodies. It’s been reported that Rousey broke her hand during the match. Towards the end, Rousey landed a huge kick to Lynch’s face to drop her. Rousey hits a Piper’s Pit on Lynch, but Lynch immediately rolls her shoulders over for the pin to win both titles. Winner and New Raw & SmackDown Women’s Champ: Becky Lynch

Match Rating: 3.25/5- The match wasn’t great, but it was good. The ending was controversial as it looked like Rousey got her shoulder up. It was great to see Lynch leave holding the titles in the air and the fans cheering before going home.


Overall Rating: 6.5/10- While WrestleMania 35 was incredibly long, we really didn’t have any awful matches. The WWE got it right by having Seth Rollins, Kofi Kingston and Becky Lynch leave with the championships. Below are my top 3 matches of the night.


  1. Daniel Bryan© vs. Kofi Kingston
  2. Usos© vs. The Bar vs. Ricochet & Aleister Black vs. Nakamura & Rusev
  3. A.J. Styles vs. Randy Orton


What did you think about WrestleMania 35? What was your favorite match from WrestleMania 35? What was your favorite moments from WrestleMania 35? Leave some feedback about anything related to WrestleMania 35, WWE Hall of Fame or NXTTakeover.


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