Ja Rule New York Featuring Fat Joe and Jadakiss

Ja Rule New York Featuring Fat Joe and Jadakiss

Are you ready for another Throwback Thursday? Do you remember when Ja Rule dropped that classic, New York record? It featured Jadakiss and Fat Joe and I’ll admit, that was a classic record. When the record hit, everyone loved it except one person, 50 Cent. 50 Cent thought that since he and Ja Rule are enemies that no one should work with him. After New York, 50 Cent targeted Fat Joe and Jadakiss. Fat Joe responded with one record and said he’ll never respond to another 50 Cent diss. On the other hand, 50 Cent and the Lox went after each other all the time. I’ll be honest, the Lox put out some great music and disses towards 50 Cent. In the end, Jadakiss, Fat Joe and 50 Cent all squashed their beef and became cool with each other.

Ja Rule and 50 Cent will never be friends as they’ll still throw shots at one another every now and then. As far as the New York record, it’s one of my favorite Ja Rule records. This week New York featuring Jadakiss and Fat Joe is my featured Throwback Thursday joint. Peep the video above and also check out his R.U.L.E. album because it’s nice. What do you think about the Ja Rule New York track? Leave some feedback about the featured track.


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