Black Rob Whoa for Throwback Thursday

Black Rob Whoa for Throwback Thursday

After the passing of the Notorious Big, Craig Mack leaving the label and Shyne going to prison, Bad Boy suffered. Mase eventually left the label and Bad Boy’s main rapper was Diddy himself. The year 2000 came and Diddy found himself another hit maker. Black Rob entered the building and his track, Whoa blew up damn near everywhere. During that time, Whoa was featured on a bunch of different mixtapes. While listening to Bad Boy’s 10th Anniversary…..The Hits, Whoa brought back memories. Bad Boy put out some classics over the years and you can add Black Rob to that list. Black Rob’s classic Whoa is my featured Throwback Thursday and you can peep the video below.

Do you remember Black Rob and his classic, Whoa! What do you think about the track? Do you consider it a Bad Boy classic? Leave some feedback below and enjoy Black Rob’s Whoa.


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