Pete Rock and CL Smooth for Throwback Thursday

Pete Rock and CL Smooth for Throwback Thursday

Are you ready for another Throwback Thursday track? This week we have one of the all-time hip hop classics. Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s, They Reminisce Over You is that track. The track is from their debut album, Mecca and the Soul Brother. When it comes to hip hop there’s Records that change the game and this is one of them. There have been many rappers that have listed this as a track that got them into hip hop. Pete Rock is one of the dopest producers ever and CL Smooth is underrated on the mic. This track will appear on my Mixtape Friday tomorrow also along with other old-school classics. Check out the video below and just enjoy this classic from Pete Rock and CL Smooth.

Where are my hip hop heads? Do you remember Pete Rock and CL Smooth? How about their classic track, They Reminiscence Over You? What’s your thoughts about the track? Leave your feedback below about the track or Pete Rock and CL Smooth below.


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