Da Brat Funkdafied for Music Monday

Da Brat Funkdafied for Music Monday

Back on June 28th, Da Brat celebrated the 25th anniversary of her Funkdafied album. Da Brat became the first female MC to put out a platinum album. To me, Da Brat is one of the illest female rapper of all-time as she’s put out classics throughout her time. For the returning Music Monday, what better track to be featured than Funkdafied. Just like that album, the title track went platinum and it featured Jermaine Dupri. Funkdafied was one of the hottest tracks in the summer of 1994. If you recall 1994, that was an amazing year for hip hop. Funkdafied was featured on Disc 2 of my Golden Era of Hip Hop: 1994 Edition. Check out the video for Funkdafied below.

Do you remember the legendary Da Brat? How about her Funkdafied album? What was your favorite track off the Funkdafied album? Leave some feedback about anything related to Da Brat Funkdafied below.


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