4 Marlowe Products That Guys Should Try Out

4 Marlowe Products That Guys Should Try Out

Throughout the years, companies have turned their attention to the needs of men. For the longest, you had a couple of spots here and there that catered to what men need. Fast forward to 2019, there’s so many choices for men to make. While many people will flock to the major brands, the ones that many people don’t know about is what intrigues me. Recently, we had the chance to check out four men’s care products from Marlowe. They have an array of men care products, so I decided on the four that would be used the most. They were the shave cream, facial moisturizer, lotion and the body wash. Below are my thoughts on each item.

Marlowe Facial Moisturizer

4 Marlowe Products That Guys Should Try Out

One of the first things that capture my attention on products is the ingredients. The deep sea algae extract soothes inflamed skin with its cooling action. Since my skin is damaged, this facial moisturizer is beneficial for me. As we all know, green tea extract is good for repairing damaged skin cells. The moisturizer also has willow bark extract that soothes irritated skin and help reduce inflammation. Vitamin C is very important to the body. Vitamin C reinforces the moisture level of your skin. With the combination of Aloe Vera and citrus, this make the scent refreshing. The Marlowe Facial Moisturizer is something that’s highly recommended and we’re grateful to try it.

Marlowe Body Wash

4 Marlowe Products That Guys Should Try Out

The body wash contains a lot of the same ingredients as the facial moisturizer. The body wash is made up of passionflower fruit, green tea, willow bark extract, and deep sea algae that work together to nourish, smooth, repair, and revitalize skin. Unlike most other body washes, Marlowe Body Wash have a smooth smell to it. While the body wash doesn’t lather like other ones, the smell and ingredients make this one great to have.

Marlowe Extra Moisturizing Body Lotion

4 Marlowe Products That Guys Should Try Out

One thing I’ve fought for years is dry skin and I’m talking about extremely dry skin. The light scent is very refreshing, and it doesn’t leave your skin very greasy. The Marlowe Extra Moisturizing Body Lotion isn’t expensive, and the moisture lasts longer. I’ve tried several lotions throughout the years, and this is one of the better ones.

Marlowe Shave Cream

4 Marlowe Products That Guys Should Try Out

Throughout the years, I’ve shared some great shaving tips for guys. Marlowe have a knack for putting in the best ingredients in their products and their shave cream is no different. The lubrication on your skin is amazing and the scent is perfect. The shave was also smooth and didn’t feel any kind of irritation afterwards. The Marlowe Shave Cream is one of my favorite shave creams I’ve ever used and will continue using it.


Have you tried any of the Marlowe products yourself? If so, which products did you try and how did you like it? Leave some feedback below about anything related to men’s care products or the Marlowe stuff.


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