4 Must Haves During This Scorching Weather

4 Must Haves During This Scorching Weather

Are you enjoying this summertime heat we’re all enduring? For pretty much everywhere in the world, there have been record breaking hot temperatures. One of my favorite things to do when the weather is nice is to relax on the patio. Some days it’s just too hot to even do that seeing that the sun is aiming right at me. Throughout this scorching weather, we still must find ways to take care of ourselves and stay hydrated. Below are four things that’s great for anyone to have.

Stay Hydrated

4 Must Haves During This Scorching Weather

There’s nothing better to have when the weather is hot than water. There are so many places to get water, but not many that will help others when you purchase it. Precipitate Water should be everyone’s choice because they help the youth. With Precipitate, you get to stay hydrated and they donate free water. The water source is from none other than the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains right here in Georgia. They’re also looking to partner with companies and organizations that help recreational programs.

Container to Hold Cold Drinks

4 Must Haves During This Scorching Weather

Even though it feels great while at work I’m still staying hydrated. Throughout the day, I’m drinking a lot of water while working. For me, water is at its best when it stays cool. Mizu has created these stainless steel water bottles that keeps your drinks ice cold. Mizu’s insulated products are double walled and vacuum sealed. This process creates and airtight chamber between the two walls of 18/8 food grade stainless steel, guaranteed to keep drinks cold for 24 hours. When the winter months come around, you can keep hot drinks warm for 12 hours.

Skin and Muscle Care

4 Must Haves During This Scorching Weather

Many don’t realize it, but the sun can take a serious toll on your skin. While the skin is taking a beating, your muscles are affected by too much sun also. It’s hard to find products that’s good for your skin and muscles also. The product you will need is Marine Collagen by Active Beauty. Transform your body inside and out with Active Beauty this summer! Packed with natural ingredients like pure marine collagen, electrolytes and more, Active Beauty’s powerhouse 9-in-1 formula increases strength and endurance while improving circulation and promoting healthy, luminous skin for that summer glow.

Skin Care Products with Nice Smell

4 Must Haves During This Scorching Weather

We all have the tendency to put anything on our bodies that feels good at the moment. Body Butter by Garner’s Garden is something my daughter grabbed from me immediately as soon as it arrived. Just like her dad, she likes to hang on the patio also. For the most part, that’s where she gets her tanning in. They come in four different scents and I’m sure you’ll find one you’ll love. The scents are Unscented, Ginger Clove, Citrus and Lemongrass. Lather up in these body butters for silky smooth skin for the summer! Raw and unrefined ingredients taken and used to masterfully craft the perfect blend of natural oils, butters, soaps, and therapeutic grade essential oils. You deserve the best at an affordable price!


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