Healthy Tonics You’ll Need for the Summer

Healthy Tonics You’ll Need for the Summer

Are you enjoying this scorching summer weather? With this weather being as hot as it has been, sometimes we’ll put the wrong things in our body. When its summertime, it seems like my stress level is at an all-time high. During the summer, the sun is shining bright and that does a number on the skin. As we get older, our skin begins to show our age and we need more than medicines to help it out. Since I’ve been reading all summer a few health books caught my attention. Some people take diverse types of tonic to help with their health, skin, mental and emotional stress. After reading more about tonics, we were lucky enough to check a couple of them out.

FOND Bone Broth Tonic

Healthy Tonics You’ll Need for the Summer

We were able to check out a few jars of tonic from FOND. The first one was the Inside Job is good reducing inflammation. This is a delicious infusion of fennel bulb, seed and bay leaves finished with apple cider vinegar, this infusion into a pasture raised chicken bone broth can’t be beat! The Youth Tonic is a astringent quality of the acid also helps the skin tighten and youthful looking! They’re infused with shiitake, shallot and sage, into a pasture raised chicken bone broth. The Spur enhances athletic performance and helping to detoxify the liver while fighting inflammation and cancer. The Trolley Dodger is a fun, tangy bone broth tonic infused with a surprising combination of lemon, garlic, radish and onion. The ingredients that boast anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The other one we have is the Ginger Cleanse and we know what ginger does for the body.


Healthy Tonics You’ll Need for the Summer

While FOND is something you can carry around and sip on, Moodbeli’s can be mixed with something to drink. The Bliss Booster cayenne-spiked raw cacao and maca root blend with notes of cinnamon may help relieve stress, enhance vitality, and bring the mind into the present. The Holy Ashwagandha contains three potent ingredients from the Ayurvedic tradition—Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, and Coriander—to relieve stress and promote wellbeing. The Ceremony Tonic blend of raw cacao, matcha green tea, and maca root to inspire focus, mindfulness, and shared ceremony. Finally, we tried the Golden Turmeric and it’s also great for you also. The Golden Turmeric is an ancient, earthy and warming Turmeric blend from the Ayurvedic tradition that may help tame indigestion, soothe inflammation, and ease joint pain.


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