J. Cole Dead Presidents II for Throwback Thursday

J. Cole Dead Presidents II for Throwback Thursday

In the hip hop community, there has been a major discussion on regarding the top-50 rappers of all-time. It all started with someone putting their list on Twitter. It caused an uproar and people like Old Man Ebro and DJ Vlad put out their lists. Honestly, I’ve never cared or criticized anyone’s list because it’s their list. One of the things that people disagreed about was how high J. Cole ranks on a lot of people list. J. Cole is one of my favorite rappers out now. Last year, he dropped the K.O.D. album which was great. His Dreamville imprint just released a compilation last month.

A little over 10 years ago, J. Cole dropped his second mixtape, The Warm Up. The Warm Up was the follow up to his debut mixtape, The Come Up. Both mixtapes are dope, but I’ve been listening to The Warm Up recently. For my featured Throwback Thursday, we’ll be highlighting his track Dead Presidents II. We all know that the instrumental from Jay-Z track from his Reasonable Doubt album. Check out the track above and see what you think about it.


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