Classic Doggy Dogg World for Throwback Thursday

Classic Doggy Dogg World for Throwback Thursday

If you’re a fan of Snoop Dogg, this has been the place for you over the past week. Last week’s Mixtape Friday featured the Best of Snoop Dogg. The mixtape featured almost 100 of Snoop’s Greatest Hits. On Music Monday, you had the chance to stream his 17th album, I Wanna Thank Me. With this being Throwback Thursday, we might as well complete the trifecta. The featured track is from his iconic debut, Doggystyle. The track is Doggy Dogg World and it features the Dogg Pound and the legendary Dramatics. Of course, this is one of my all-time favorite hip hop and Snoop tracks. The song is dope and the video makes it that much better. Check out the video below to Doggy Dogg World and enjoy.

Where are my Snoop Dogg fans? What did you think about his new album? How about my Snoop Dogg Greatest Hits? What’s your favorite Snoop album besides Doggystyle? What do you think about Doggy Dogg World? Leave some feedback below about the featured track or anything related to Snoop Dogg.


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