Makaveli Hail Mary for Throwback Thursday Featuring the Outlawz

Makaveli Hail Mary for Throwback Thursday Featuring the Outlawz

Makaveli 2 and 3 were on my playlist for this past week. If you’re old enough to remember, those Makaveli tapes were in high demand.  After Pac passed away, a lot of his unreleased music was leaked as part of the Makaveli series. As we all know, the official Makaveli album dropped a couple months after he passed away. My Throwback Thursday track is from the album, Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. The album had several gems on it, but the featured track is none other than Hail Mary. Hail Mary is a spooky and dark track, plus it was accompanied with a video. The video depicted Pac rising from the grave and getting rid of the people responsible for his death. During this time, there were a million conspiracy theories that Pac faked his death. Hail Mary added to that belief and many people thought Pac was alive.

Hail Mary is one of the best tracks off the Makaveli album and it featured the Outlawz. Hail Mary was the third single from the album that went on to sell almost five million copies. Check out the video above for Hail Mary and give me your thoughts. The Don Killuminati album is one of my all-time favorite albums. This was a helluva way for Pac to go out because we wanted more. What are your thoughts about Hail Mary? How about the Makaveli album? Leave some feedback below about Hail Mary, the Makaveli album or around related to Pac.


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