Ministry of Oils Provides Product for Your Everyday Needs

Ministry of Oils Provides Product for Your Everyday Needs

Over the last several years, my mom has preached to me about the benefits of using essential oils. For the last couple years, my wife has also been preaching about why we need to have some around the house. The Ministry of Oils offered several different types of oil that’ll help with everything at home. There were six different oils my wife wanted to try out and they’re listed below. Check them out below and hopefully this will convince you all to using Ministry of Oils in the future.

Eucalyptus Oil

Ministry of Oils Provides Product for Your Everyday Needs

Eucalyptus Oil is something you want to keep around the house for various reasons. My mom has always said that it’s good to boost your mood. Eucalyptus Oil is great for health reasons like headaches, cold sores, congestion, fever and much more. Throughout the years, many people used Eucalyptus Oil to help with the flu, get rid of negative energy or as bug spray. Ministry of Oils offer Eucalyptus Oil and will give you the benefits as to why you should try it. Instead of taking medicine for headaches, Eucalyptus Oil is what I’m using to rid myself or my family of the headache. Usually, I’m putting some on a cotton ball to inhale or rubbing it on the pressure point.

Peppermint Oil

Ministry of Oils Provides Product for Your Everyday Needs

Peppermint Oil is one that I’ve always believed in for many years now. Growing up, my scalp was dry and had major issues with dandruff. I’ve tried almost every kind of shampoo imaginable, but when you add Peppermint Oil this is what works. In the past, we’ve combined Peppermint and Eucalyptus Oil to clean things. You can also use Peppermint Oil to relive headaches and it helps with nausea also. Since I’ve started going back to the gym, Peppermint Oil with carrier oil helps to sooth muscles. For those that have issues with rodents coming in your home through the windows, use this stuff. Just cotton balls with 2 drops of Peppermint oil in corners of the house. You can also put it around the baseboards and window sills to deter rodents from entering your house.

Mandarin Oil

Ministry of Oils Provides Product for Your Everyday Needs

Mandarin Oil is something that I discovered a few months ago because it’s good for sensitive skin. You can place the mandarin oil in those areas for the sensitive skin. After seeing how great it was, my wife was telling me it was good for other purposes. My wife said it helps her with menstrual cramps and bloating. If you’re someone that suffers from insomnia, mandarin oil is great also. Just grab a 16 oz. bottle, put water in it and add a couple of drops of mandarin oil. You can spray in on the pillowcases or sheets to calm and make you relax. The mandarin oil can be used everywhere in your household for sickness and cleanliness.

Frankincense Oil

Ministry of Oils Provides Product for Your Everyday Needs

For 30 years now, I’ve been dealing with issues with my knees from surgery a long time ago. My mom was using Frankincense oil on her rotator cuff because it was always sore because of a past surgery. After coming from the gym, I’ve been rubbing this on my knees and it feels great. Knowing how great oils are for your body I began reading up on frankincense oil. Some of my findings were that it’s good for your entire body. Frankincense oil is good for your immune, nervous and digestive system also. You can also mix it with baking soda and warm water to create an all-purpose cleaner.

Clove Oil

Ministry of Oils Provides Product for Your Everyday Needs

Clove oil is something I’m very familiar with because it’s used every other weekend at home. Every other Saturday night, I’ve put clove oil into my bath and just soak in it for about 30 -40 minutes. Clove oil has been great for my aches, pains and muscle soreness for years. For the guys out there, this is also good if you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction. If you’re dealing with nausea or an issue with your stomach, clove oil is perfect for you. Clove oil is also good for your cardiovascular system as well as your teeth and gums.

Geranium Oil

Ministry of Oils Provides Product for Your Everyday Needs

Geranium Oil is also one of the many oils that are great for your skin. You can add a drop or two to your daily moisturizer to help hydrate your skin. Geranium oil is perfect for using with steam facial to promote healthy skin. While geranium oil is great for the skin, it’s also good for your hair. It can be used for both dry and oily hair. Add 2 drops to your conditioner. You can add a couple drops of geranium oil while showering to help with your mood. Whether at the office or home, geranium oil is great to keep around.


Overall Thoughts

I’m hoping other people get the chance to experience having these oils in their lives. If you go to the Ministry of Oils website, you’ll find more than enough to help with everyday living. To further convince that you’ll love the product check out On this website, you can try three different bottles of oil for only $3 by using code- DHangout for free shipping. This amazing deal is only for one per household, so take advantage ASAP!


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