Jay Z Song Cry for Throwback Thursday

Jay Z Song Cry for Throwback Thursday

First off, Happy Halloween to everyone out there and be safe! Make sure you remember this weekend that the time falls back due to Daylight Savings. With that said, let’s move on for another Throwback Thursday. As always, the featured track is usually something I’ve listened to during the week. One album that stuck out to me this week was one of my personal Jay-Z mixes. If you follow hip hop, Jay-Z’s name was tossed around by T.I. Tip stated that Jay called him because of his Top 50 list. T.I. had 2Pac on top and Jay-Z followed by him and Jigga questioned him about it. For me, I’m not allowing anyone to call me and confront be about my opinion and Jay lost points off that. Either way, Jay-Z is one of the coldest to ever do it, but Pac is my guy.

Anyways, back to Jay-Z and the featured track this week. The track from the Jay-Z compilation is originally off his classic Blueprint album. The track is Song Cry and it was the fourth and last single off the album. The album was released on 9/11, which is a day that we’ll never forget. Song Cry helped the Blueprint to sell over two million records. This is a great track as you can tell by the video above. The Blueprint album had so many bangers on it, that’s why it’s considered an all-time great album.


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