Gang Starr Mass Appeal for Throwback Thursday

Gang Starr Mass Appeal for Throwback Thursday

First off, Happy New Year to everyone out there. I’m hoping your 2020 will be full of blessings and prosperity. We’re going to open this year with Gang Starr as our Throwback Thursday. For the last couple days, I’ve been listening to their new album, One of the Best Yet. When the new single dropped Family and Loyalty featuring J. Cole, it felt like a breath of fresh air. Gang Starr is one of my favorite hip hop duos and the voice of Guru is heavenly. Unfortunately, it’s going on 10 years since the late, great Guru passed away. For the featured track, we’re going back to their classic Hard to Earn album. The track is Mass Appeal and if you grew up on hip hop, this track takes you back to that era.

DJ Premier did his thing on the beat and Guru always coming through with his pen game. Guru and Premier are like magic together and Mass Appeal proves just that. Check out the video for Mass Appeal above and enjoy this classic sound. Where are all my hip hop heads? Do you remember the legendary Gang Starr? How about their Hard to Earn album? What’s some of your favorite tracks from Gang Starr? Leave some feedback below about the featured track or anything related to Gang Starr.


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