Mashich Haunted for Music Monday

Mashich Haunted for Music Monday

First off, Happy New Year and decade to everyone out there. Hoping this new decade and year will be the start of a new, prosperous beginning. If things have been going great, hoping they’ll continue moving in that direction. We’re starting the year off with a Music Monday on the R&B tip. Mashich is his name and he’s someone that DCDaBeast introduced me to. The track is called Haunted and A.M.O. Productions is responsible for the beat while J. Mogul mixed it. The first time hearing it was on Mashich’s Instagram page and thought it was dope. After first listening to Haunted, it made me think about all the music from the 90s. Seeing that I’m such a huge fan of the 90s R&B sound and feel, this is very complimentary. Haunted definitely has me anticipating what’s next coming from Mashich because this track is a banger.

Whether you have Spotify or Apple Music, you can check out Haunted above. After listening to the track, what’s your thoughts about Mashich and Haunted? You can follow him on Instagram as mentioned above, but you can check him out elsewhere. Check out Mashich on Twitter and Facebook also for the latest updates from him. Leave some feedback below about anything related to the featured Music Monday track.


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