Q-Tip Vivrant Thing for Throwback Thursday

Q-Tip Vivrant Thing for Throwback Thursday

Once again, we have arrived at another Thursday, which makes it a step closer to the weekend. One of the albums that were in heavy rotation this weekend was the Amplified album from Q-Tip. As many of you know, Q-Tip was part of the legendary A Tribe Called Quest. Tribe put out classics like Midnight Marauders and The Low End Theory. In 1999, Q-Tip released his first solo album and it was great as expected. Many people don’t know that Q-Tip is responsible for producing a lot of great records also. Amplified was released towards the end of 1999 and it went on to go gold. The lead single for the album is my featured Throwback Thursday track and it’s called Vivrant Thing. Vivrant Thing received much airplay and it was a great track. The video for Vivrant Thing was dope also as it still felt funny seeing him solo.

Vivrant Thing is a dope track and definitely different from the Tribe Called Quest sound. Q–Tip actually produced Vivrant Thing and it reached the top-10 on Billboard for Hot Rap Songs. If you haven’t checked out the Amplified album, peep it right here. Being a huge Tribe fan, the project hit the spot and made me want another Tribe album still. The track was also featured on the Violator album back in 1999 also. Either way, check out the video for Vivrant Thing above. What are your thoughts about the Tribe? How about Q-Tip and his solo album? Leave some feedback below about the featured track, Q-Tip or anything related to Tribe Called Quest.


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