Bone Crusher Never Scared for Throwback Thursday

Bone Crusher Never Scared for Throwback Thursday

Once again, we have arrived at Thursday and it’s been a long and hectic week. Like always, I had the chance to listen to a good amount of music. For my Throwback Thursday, we’re going back to the year 2003. We’re going to stay in the south for this classic. The summer of 2003 produced a lot of great club music and this particular track is probably at the top of lists. He put out his crazy anthem, Never Scared and it featured Killer Mike and T.I. Never Scared was such a crazy record that he had to produce another mix. The Takeover Remix featured Busta Rhymes, Cam’ron and Jadakiss. Never Scared was the lone single from his album, AttenCHUN! Almost 17 years later, Never Scared is still one of the tracks that bring back a lot of memories.

While Never Scared gets all the recognition from Bone Crusher and deservedly so, he had a couple other bangers. Hate Ourselves featuring the Goodie Mob was probably the track the stood out the most. Either way, check out the video above for Never Scared and enjoy. Do you remember Bone Crusher? Did you like any other tracks from Bone Crusher? Have you checked out his album, AttenCHUN? Leave some feedback below about anything related to Bone Crusher or the featured track.


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