50 Cent Mobb Deep Outta Control for Throwback Thursday

50 Cent Mobb Deep Outta Control for Throwback Thursday

Once again, it’s Thursday which means we’re closer to the weekend. This week’s playlist consisted of a personal mixtape, Too Short, The Ghetto Trying to Kill Me and about 3 other mixtapes. On Tuesday, we celebrated the 15th anniversary of the release of the Massacre by 50 Cent. The Massacre is an underrated classic that doesn’t get enough of props. With the success of Get Rich or Die Trying, it was hard for 50 Cent to emulate that album. The Massacre went on to sell over five million albums and a total of 9 million worldwide.  The Massacre produced four singles off the album and my Throwback Thursday track was the final one. Outta Control was the name and the remix featured none other than Mobb Deep. The remix was only available on the Special Edition of the Massacre and prepared for the Mobb Deep G-Unit album.

Outta Control was a dope track and it builds anticipation for the Blood Money joint from Mobb Deep. The video is great and 50 Cent with Mobb Deep produced a nice track. Unfortunately, a couple years ago Prodigy from Mobb Deep passed away. Check out the video and track for Outta Control above. Do you remember this classic track? What did you think about 50 Cent and Mobb Deep on a track together? Leave some feedback below about the featured track.


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