Mr. Ku Born Threat for Throwback Thursday

Mr. Ku Born Threat for Throwback Thursday

My Mixtape Friday was one of my personal favorites I’ve ever done. The compilation was some of Georgia’s dopest hip hop records spanning about 30 years. OutKast, Goodie Mob, Raheem the Dream, T.I., Ludacris, Jeezy, Ghetto Mafia and Kilo Ali were among those included. Unfortunately, there are a lot of other artists who didn’t make the compilation. Many of my favorite tracks aren’t available on any streaming services which absolutely suck. One of those artists is my featured Throwback Thursday track and his name is Mr. Ku. Born Threat is the name of the record and it came out around the mid-90s. Born Threat from Mr. Ku appeared on several mixtapes back in the day. The beat was hard as hell and it was featured on Greg Street’s 6 o’clock album with 8Ball rapping over it. If this was available on Spotify, it most definitely would’ve been featured.

Where are my fellow hip hop heads? Do you remember or ever heard of Mr. Ku? What do you think about Born Threat? Leave some feedback below about the track Born Threat or Mr. Ku himself.


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