Roger Troutman I Want to Be Your Man for Throwback Thursday

Roger Troutman I Want to Be Your Man for Throwback Thursday


Once again, we have arrived at another Thursday which makes up closer to the weekend. My playlists this week consisted of the King album from T.I., Compton by Dr. Dre and Usher’s Raymond vs. Raymond. UGK’s Ridin Dirty, the Idlewild soundtrack from Outkast and a personal Ice Cube Greatest Hits. This week, the featured track comes from neither of those as we’re going in another direction. For some odd reason, Roger Troutman and Zapp tracks have been in my head all week. For my Throwback Thursday, we’re going with his classic I Want to Be Your Man off his Unlimited! album. I Want to Be Your Man is an absolute classic and many people still don’t know who he is. I’ve always told people he the guy singing in the California Love video with 2Pac and Dr. Dre.

Either way, Roger Troutman got classics solo and with Zapp. Unfortunately, Roger Troutman passed away in 1999 after being shot by his brother who also killed himself. The Unlimited! album was his third solo project and it was released in 1987. Like always, check out the track listing below and it’s followed by the stream links.


  1. I Want to Be Your Man
  2. Night and Day
  3. Been this Way Before (rap)
  4. Composition to Commemorate (May 30, 1918)
  5. Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag
  6. Thrill Seekers
  7. Tender Moments
  8. If You’re Serious
  9. Private Lover
  10. I Really Want to Be Your Man
  11. Bedistguitarist-A-Rown


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