This Is How We Do It Montell Jordan for Throwback Thursday

This Is How We Do It Montell Jordan for Throwback Thursday

Once again, we have arrived at another Thursday which makes it closer to the weekend. The Wu Massacre album and Fishscale by Ghostface were a couple albums played this week. My personal Jeezy Greatest Hits and disc 1 of 2Pac Greatest Hits were also played along with the new Rhapsody album. Montell Jordan’s debut album was the final one this week. This is How We Do It went on to become an iconic track. 25 years later, it’s still one of those songs you hear and immediately start singing. This is one of those songs that’ll have you dancing in your 60s. My Throwback Thursday track is the title track to his debut. What’s crazy is that the album had some nice tracks on it. You can peep the track listing below and it’s followed by the stream links.

  1. My Mommy Intro
  2. Somethin’ 4 Da Honeyz
  3. This Is How We Do It
  4. Payback ft. Coolio
  5. I’ll Do Anything
  6. Don’t Keep Me Waiting
  7. Comin’ Home
  8. Introducing Shaunta ft. Shaunta
  9. It’s Over
  10. Midnight Interlude
  11. I Wanna
  12. Down on My Knees
  13. Gotta Get My Roll On
  14. Close the Door
  15. Daddy’s Home


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