Support Small Businesses Like Pace of One During These Trying Times

Support Small Businesses Like Pace of One During These Trying Times

We all have been affected by this pandemic is some way, shape or form. There are plenty of reasons to be down seeing that many of us have been stuck at home. During this time, many have focused on growth and finding ways to make money. One company I’m familiar with is venturing into the apparel business. Pace of One have created a great line of hats, shirts, hoodies, and neck gaiters. They want us all to be visionaries, strong and confident in ourselves. They offer gear for men, women and even unisex wear that appease to everyone. Like they say, live and move at your own pace.


Support Small Businesses Like Pace of One During These Trying Times

Pace of One has a variety of T-Shirts that’s really motivational. We decided to grab the Sky is Never the Limit shirt. My daughter and I loved this one and the other favorite were Invest in Yourself. The shirts feel great, the designs are nice and you’re not paying a lot for them.


I’m a big fan of hats and have collected them for a long time. They also have hats with the same designs as their hats and hoodies. You can always grab a hat to match it with the hoodie or hat you order. These are not fitted ones, but the snapbacks so you can adjust them.


We are now getting some chilly weather lately and it’ll only get cooler. Hoodie season is here, and Pace of One got them for the fellas, ladies, and the unisex ones. The shirts and hoodies come in black, grey, and white so they’ll match anything you wear. Like the shirts, the material is extremely comfortable and easy to wash.

Neck Gaiters

These days, no matter where you go you have to wear some kind of face covering. The neck gaiter can keep your neck warm, cover your face and use it as a bandana or wristband. They come in maroon and black, which means you can wear them with almost anything. The fabric is washable and it’s also stretchable.


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