• 5 Must-Dos at Home for Physical Fitness Amidst the Pandemic
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    5 Must-Dos at Home for Physical Fitness Amidst the Pandemic

    The pandemic has all of us holed inside our homes for fear of our lives. According to the statistics, it is reported that between March 1, 2020, and January 2, 2021, the US experienced 2,801,439 deaths, which is 22 percent more than what was expected. Even now, despite the vaccination drive, newer cases and mutations of the coronavirus are being reported. Along with all the things that have seen a disruption in the outdoor activities, the daily regimen of physical activities is one of them. On top of that, the constant work from homes and the long hours behind the computer screen gradually makes people lazy and dull, impacting their…

  • 3 Ways Fitting Cannabis in Your Fitness Regime is Helpful

    3 Ways Fitting Cannabis in Your Fitness Regime is Helpful

    The legalization of cannabis across the US has changed the perspective of the users. The acceptance levels right now are at an all-time high, with people revering it for medicinal benefits instead of recreational ones. Users profess its benefits for alleviating pain, anxiety and insomnia and see it as a powerful skin aid as well. Moreover, fitness enthusiasts in the country are readily embracing the substance as a part of their health and fitness regimens. The best thing is that they have myriad choices, from vaping to edibles, topicals and transdermal patches to aid workouts in more than one way. If you have been apprehensive about fitting cannabis in your…

  • Fitness Game
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    Dad Bod To Rad Bod: How To Up Your Fitness Game

    January is here, and what better time of year to set yourself some targets and bounce back from the overindulgence of the holiday period? If you’re keen to get fit, tone up and change your dad bod into a rad bod, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some useful fitness tips and some suggestions to help you get the best out of your body. Getting back into the swing of things Be honest. Has it been a few weeks, months or even years since you did a workout that didn’t involve moving from the sofa to the fridge? At this time of year, it’s all too easy for…

  • 100% Fitness
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    4 Ways to Achieve 100% Fitness

    What do you understand “fitness” to be? For most of us, we think of “fitness” as aerobic exercise. You’re fit if you’re able to climb several flights of stairs without pause; if you can run around after your children without getting out of breath. This is the kind of fitness that most people mean when they talk about wanting to get fit– you might have even done this yourself. That’s why it may be a surprise to learn that there are actually four different types of fitness. If you truly want to be “fit”, then you have to learn to balance all four areas. If you don’t, you could find…

  • Work Stress
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    Can Fitness Mitigate Work Stress?

    Stress is unavoidable. And it can make life—yours and those around you—miserable. The good news is that stress is very much manageable. There are also ways to mitigate it. Regular exercise is one such way, perhaps even one of the most effective ones. How common is work stress? Feeling stressed out at work lately? You can find relief in the thought that you are not alone. Work stress is extremely common. According to a survey, no fewer than 26% of workers reported often feeling stressed or burned out from work. Additionally, 29% of workers said that they feel extremely or somewhat stressed by work. Changing your job may not always…

  • Fitness Tips for Fathers
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    Say Goodbye To Your Dad Bod With These Fitness Tips For Fathers!

    When you become a father for the first time, there are many things you may fear. At the top of that list is the dad bod. A dad bod is the body most middle-aged dad’s end up with. You’re out of shape and unfit. This happens because you tend to relax when you have kids. You’ve reached a stage in life where you have everything. But, dad bods aren’t a good look and lead to unhealthiness too. So, here are some fitness tips to avoid achieving that bad look: Sports with the Kids It’s ironic how many of us encourage our kids to play sports. We urge them to join…