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Makaveli Hail Mary for Throwback Thursday Featuring the Outlawz

Makaveli 2 and 3 were on my playlist for this past week. If you’re old enough to remember, those Makaveli tapes were in high demand.  After Pac passed away, a lot of his unreleased music was leaked as part of the Makaveli series. As we all know, the official Makaveli album dropped a couple months after he passed away. My Throwback Thursday track is from the album, Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. The album had several gems on it, but the featured track is none other than Hail Mary. Hail Mary is a spooky and dark track, plus it was accompanied ... [read more]

Mixtape Friday is the Best of Throwback Thursday for 2018

It’s hard to believe that we’re about to enter a new year. 2019 is right around the corner and now it’s time to gear up for more challenges as we head into another year. Before that, let’s find something to celebrate about. The first thing you need is some music and that’s what I’m here for. While scrolling on my site I couldn’t believe I haven’t done a Mixtape Friday in well over two years. This year I’m planning on doing one every week. My Throwback Thursday was poppin’ throughout the year and hopefully that’ll continue also. With this being ... [read more]

UGK Throwback Thursday Tell Me Something Good

If you’re from the south, then you know that the Ridin’ Dirty is one of the most influential projects ever. For some, that album was the first time they got a chance to vibe to a UGK project. There are others that didn’t realize who they were until the Big Pimpin track with Jay-Z. With me, my first chance to listen to them was their major debut album, Too Hard To Swallow. While many think of Pocket Full of Stones when it comes to the album, my favorite track was Tell Me Something Good. This week I’m highlighting UGK for Throwback Thursday and ... [read more]

Keep Ya Head Up for Throwback Thursday by 2Pac

Last month, we all celebrated the 25th anniversary of 2Pac releasing his second album. Brenda’s Got A Baby caught people’s attention from his first album, 2Pacalypse Now. After that album, Pac was on top of the world as he was gearing up for his movie, Juice. If that wasn’t enough, Pac cemented his legacy even more by releasing my Throwback Thursday track. Keep Ya Head Up was a track that my grandmothers loved and that says a lot. This is one of my favorite tracks, not only from Pac, but one of my all-time favorite tracks. Keep Ya Head Up has ... [read more]

Throwback Thursday 8/13/2015

While going through some of my Throwback Thursday music, I realized that I don't show enough love to R&B. It's crazy because I listen to it all the time and this past weekend my play selection involved Lyfe Jennings. Yes, I have his entire collection because let's face it, he put out some really good music and his first album is a certified classic debut album, Lyfe 268-192 and the lead single, Must Be Nice will be a great record 30 years from now. So, for my Throwback Thursday, here is Must Be Nice, check it out below because it's a ... [read more]

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