Black History: Samuel Cornish

    Source Samuel Cornish, an abolitionist and editor, was born in Sussex County, Delaware and raised in Philadelphia and New York City.  Since both of his parents were free African Americans Cornish was born free.  After graduating from the Free African School in Philadelphia Cornish began training to become a Presbyterian minister and was ordained in 1822.  Shortly afterward he moved to New York City where he organized the first black Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. In addition to his duties as pastor, Cornish also ... [read more]

VTech Home Phone and $100 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway

I received the promotional items in return of my honest review.     Are you in need of a new phone for your house? How about the VTech home phone that comes with several cool features that will be highlighted later and this phone is available at Here are some the cool features that this phone comes equipped with:   · Digital Answering System - With up to 14 minutes of recording time, the digital answering system grabs calls when you can’t. · Caller ID/Call Waiting - Know who’s ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout Presents WWE Monday Night Raw Review 2/17/2014

  As the Road to Wrestlemania continues, this is the Raw before the Elimination Chamber, the PPV before Mania. Let’s see how things go and how they will try to sell you on purchasing the Elimination Chamber. Let’s Get Started!!!!!   Good Opening Segment: Nice way to show the importance of the Elimination Chamber match and how they all want the title to headline WM. Christian vs. Daniel Bryan: Is Christian a heel now? Christian and Bryan could probably have a good match in their sleep so I wasn’t surprise this was a good ... [read more]

Mixtape Friday: DJ Kay Slay Presents The Rise of the City

    Download Link ... [read more]

Black History: James Forten

    James Forten was born on September 2, 1766 in Philadelphia, PA. A free African-American, he joined the Continental navy at age 15. After service, Forten apprenticed as a sail-maker and eventually became a wealthy businessman and a leader of the black community in pre-Civil War Philadelphia. He devoted much of his time and money to the abolitionist cause and he refused to supply rigging to slave-trade vessels. Forten died in 1842. Sail-maker and social activist James Forten was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A ... [read more]

Black History Month Featuring Joe Louis

        Boxer. Widely considered one of the greatest and most beloved boxers in the sport's history, Joseph Louis Barrow was born May 13, 1914 in the cotton-field country near Lafayette, Alabama. The son of a sharecropper, and the great-grandson of a slave, he was eighth child of Munn and Lilly Barrow. Louis's family life was shaped by financial struggle. The Louis kids slept three to a bed and Louis' father was committed to a state hospital when he was just two years old. Louis had little schooling and as a ... [read more]

Great Family Activities for Rainy Days

  Rainy days can be downright painful if you have kids. Not only can they not play outside, but taking them to the beach or park is out too, meaning that they can get bored. And when kids get bored, it is the worst for their parents. With these rainy day activities, you can escape from the typical rainy day of endless cartoons and possibly even wear your kids out.   1. Bowling     Bowling is really one of the best things to do with kids. It is great for even younger children, they love the competition, and ... [read more]

Celebrate Black History Month With Jim Brown

        Born February 17, 1936, on St. Simons Island, off the southern coast of Georgia, James Nathaniel Brown experienced a childhood shaped by struggle. He was just two weeks old when his father abandoned the family. His mother soon departed from his life as well, taking a job as a maid in Manhasset, New York, and leaving the care of her young son in the hands of Brown's great-grandmother. Brown was 8 years old when his mother finally sent for him to come live with her in New York. In his new home, Brown ... [read more]

Black History Month Featuring Hank Aaron

        American baseball icon Hank Aaron, nicknamed "Hammerin' Hank," is widely regarded as one of the greatest hitters in the history of the sport. For nearly 23 years (1954–76), Aaron played as an outfielder for the Braves and the Milwaukee Brewers, setting several records and winning a number of honors along the way. Aaron continues to hold many of baseball's most distinguished records today, including runs batted in (2,297), extra base hits (1,477), total bases (6,856) and most years with 30 or more home ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout Top 10 NBA Players of All-Time

  I’ve been asked about my top 5 NBA players of all-time ever since Lebron James came out and said that when he’s finished he’ll be on the Mt. Rushmore of basketball players when he’s finished beside Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Oscar Robertson. Have you not heard his interview about that? Well I posted the interview on my other site and you can check it out here: I’ll be honest, I can’t just ... [read more]