Great Day Spent With Family at Malibu Grand Prix Norcross

Malibu Grand Prix Norcross has everything you will ever need to celebrate birthdays, have a party, host events and even family gatherings. It’s definitely somewhere you can have fun and not feel too crazy as a parent and your kids can see another side of you coming out because it’s so fun. You name it; they got so many games and activities to play with your kids like Grand Prix, Go Karts, Arcade, Miniature Golf, Batting Cages, and so much more, there's every way to play at Malibu Norcross!   With my 2 daughters birthdays coming ... [read more]

TV Producer Kearni Warren Talks About Her New Reality TV Show The Next American Baller

Celebrty Interviewer and Blogger Kareem Williams of had the opportunity to interview TV Producer Kearni Warren who is a east coast native.He and she had a lovely conversation about her new Reality TV Show that she is working on called The Next American Baller. Check out this exclusive live interview by clicking the play button. ... [read more]

Almost Kick-Off Time: How to Make Your Place a Footy Watching Crowd Favorite

  Footy season is a great time to have your mates over to watch the game. No matter who’s playing, you and your friends can get together and enjoy the game. A few beers, some meat on the barbie and a television screen are all you need to enjoy watching the footy with friends, but there are a few tips to help make your place the perfect footy-watching pad. Who to Invite The first consideration is who to invite. You may have a standing invitation with your best friends to watch the game each week, or you may just host the big games like ... [read more]

Black History Month Featuring Langston Hughes

      James Mercer Langston Hughes was born on February 1, 1902, in Joplin, Missouri. His parents, James Hughes and Carrie Langston, separated soon after his birth, and his father moved to Mexico. While Hughes’s mother moved around during his youth, Hughes was raised primarily by his maternal grandmother, Mary, until she died in his early teens. From that point, he went to live with his mother, and they moved to several cities before eventually settling in Cleveland, Ohio. It was during this time that Hughes first ... [read more]

Black History Month: Alex Haley

      Alex Haley was born Alexander Murray Palmer Haley on August 11, 1921, in Ithaca, New York. At the time of his birth, Haley's father, Simon Haley, a World War I veteran, was a graduate student in agriculture at Cornell University, and his mother, Bertha Palmer Haley, was a teacher. For the first five years of his life, Haley lived with his mother and grandparents in Henning, Tennessee, while his father finished his studies. When Simon Haley completed his degree, he joined the family in Tennessee and taught as a ... [read more]

War Ready from Rick Ross Featuring Jeezy

My Music Monday is from Rick Ross and it's off his Mastermind album due out March 4th and it features one-time nemesis Jeezy. The track is called War Ready! Enjoy!!!!! Download Track HERE!!!!!               ... [read more]

Zubie Is the Best Gift to Give to Anyone

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zubie for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.       Well Valentine’s Day is around the corner and guess what? My son is about to get his learner license!!! What, you thought I was talking about something romantic with my wife or maybe spill the beans on what I have planned or something. I mentioned Valentine’s Day because this is a perfect gift to give someone you love in your family and save some money in the process because we all love saving dough. So you ... [read more]

Supporting Team USA with the #ItsOurTime App/giveaway

I received a promotional item from AT&T for my honest opinion in this post.     The 2014 Winter Olympics have just begun and the event will last through February 23rd and we all must get behind Team USA. You’re probably thinking, I’m down with supporting our team and I’m going to be watching all the events live on TV while screaming USA! USA! USA!!!!! Well that’s great and any kind of support is needed but there’s a way to cheer on the athletes by chanting USA and they’ll be able to see your chants. You can download ... [read more]

Black History Month: Andrew Young

        On March 12, 1932, Andrew Jackson Young Jr., known as Andrew Young Jr., was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. The product of a middle-class family—his father was a dentist, his mother a teacher—he had to travel from his neighborhood to attend segregated schools. After graduating from Howard University, Young chose to study at Connecticut's Hartford Theological Seminary. In 1955, he became an ordained minister.   Working as a pastor in Georgia, Young first became part of the Civil Rights ... [read more]

Friday Mixtape: Daddy’s Hangout & Presents R. Kelly Vol. 1

This is a R. Kelly mixtape I made a few years ago and will also post it on my new site It's a nice compilation and would love feedback from the ones who will download it and let me know what you think and would you support future compilations of some of your favorite artists. Here is the tracklisting:   1. Bump-N-Grind[Remix] 2. Half On a Baby 3. Tempo Slow 4. Down Low[Remix] 5. When A Woman's Fed Up 6. 12 Play 7. Slow Dance 8. I Believe I Can Fly 9. Your Body's Callin 10. You Remind Me of ... [read more]