Are Professional Sports As Good As They Used To Be?

People have flocked to see football, rugby, tennis and a whole host of other professional sports played in huge stadiums for decades upon decades. A combination of raw talent and an electrifying atmosphere created by an excited crowd has led to cultures across the world becoming obsessed with different breeds of professional sports. Still, as the world changes and people’s lives or interests seem to shift or transform into something new, are sports adapting to meet the demands of the modern world? Here are some thoughts on the ways in which ... [read more]

3 Ways to Help Teens Establish Credit

As a parent, we all know about credit and how important it is for pretty much everything. From getting a home, job, vehicles and everything else you can think of. Growing up that wasn’t always the case because, quite frankly my parents didn’t team me about it. Honestly, I didn’t know anything about credit until it was too late because I didn’t have any. When I went to get me a car, I heard that having no credit is worse than having bad credit. Now that I’m a parent myself, I don’t want my kids to suffer the same fate. When my son got his first ... [read more]

Guide on How To Choose A Good Acoustic Guitar

The guitar is the most popular instrument of all time. For good reason, the guitar is portable, easy to learn at a basic level and can be played at any style. Choosing an acoustic guitar can be overwhelming because guitar makers have to use a specific and wide range of woods, hardware, and design elements. There are key traits to consider when choosing a good acoustic guitar and it is important to keep these in mind when you plan on purchasing one for yourself.   The very first step in choosing a good acoustic guitar is to decide on ... [read more]

The IMSA WeatherTech Championship on May 6th! 5 Things I May Want to Cook

This post is sponsored by IMSA Racing but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Hopefully you all learn about IMSA Racing during the weekend of March 15th. When it comes to racing events, they cover the entire weekend full of activities for the fans to enjoy. The Circuit of Americas event is from May 4th through the 6th with the championship race being on May 6th. IMSA Racing is known for racing on the best tracks in the world with the top drivers. What’s really cool is that it features the best car brands in the world to ... [read more]

A Quick Guide to Lock Picking

Contrary to what a lot of people might think, lock picking isn’t only done by burglars and thieves with plans of making themselves rich by illegal means. No, it’s also a craft that has seen many interested lock pickers challenging themselves with even more complicated locks. An interesting skill to acquire, it doesn’t really take much at all to get started. Know how to begin your lock picking journey below: Why learn to lock pick So you don’t exactly have any plans of breaking into other people’s homes or business offices. That’s ... [read more]

Getting an Emotional Support Animal Letter is No Longer Difficult

It was once rare to see emotional support animals out and about. But nowadays, they’re showing up everywhere, even in apartments with strict policies prohibiting pets. Unlike service animals, which are well trained to help blind people or to assist cerebral palsy patients to turn on lights, emotional support animals receive no special training for special tasks. The purpose of an emotional support animal is to enhance the owner’s wellbeing by simply being present. There aren’t many rules governing emotional support animals and it’s difficult ... [read more]

Protect Your Mobile Device With Anti-Hack Antivirus Software

If you’ve ever used any sort of internet-connected device before, you’re likely already familiar with the terms “hack” and “virus.” This is because hackers and viruses, alongside other forms of malware, are the biggest threat to internet-connected devices across the globe. With a well-placed virus or some practiced skills, hackers can access your personal data through your computer and use it for their own purposes. Or, they can simply destroy your computer from the inside-out.   However, many of the most tech-savvy people don’t ... [read more]

A Guide for Writing a Social Media News Release

Social media has become an integral part of contemporary business marketing. According to a Statista Report, there are 3.27 billion internet users and out of these, over 2.5 million are on social media. This means any brand that has no presence on social media is losing big. In the last year alone, the number of social media users has risen by over 176 million, again highlighting how important these platforms are, especially for businesses. While these platforms initially launched with the goal of connecting family and friends, they have now ... [read more]

Where Are My Hip Hop Fans? Kendrick Lamar Releases His New Album Damn

Kendrick Lamar said you all got to April 7th to get y’all shit together. He said that when he dropped The Heart Pt. 4 a few weeks ago, which everyone loved. After that he dropped his first single from the upcoming album, which was called Humble. The single received mixed reviews and apparently quite a few ladies took offense to some of the lyrics on the new track. Before the April 7th release date, the album was pushed back to April 14th. A few days ago, he previewed the album cover, track list and information pertaining to the album. To many ... [read more]

Talking to Your Children About Bankruptcy

Is your business facing bankruptcy? Then you aren't alone. Last year, there were 794,960 filings for bankruptcy, according to the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. Deciding to file for bankruptcy is a tough decision that will affect your life for quite some time. And not just your life, but also those of your loved ones too. The stress and pressure that bankruptcy can put on a family is immense. Understandably as parents, we want to shield our kids from the difficulties that financial troubles bring. But often, the key to getting the ... [read more]