8Ball & MJG On Tha Outside Lookin In Released 25 Years Ago

My favorite album from 8Ball & MJG was released 25 years ago today. Comin Out Hard was eye opening, but On Tha Outside Lookin In took it to another level. A few days ago, we celebrated another milestone album from 8Ball & MJG. 8Ball & MJG’s fourth and final album on Suave House, In My Lifetime came out 20 years ago. On Tha Outside Lookin In is one of those albums that get played from the beginning to end. The only features on the album is from MC Breed, Crime Boss and Thorough from South Circle. If you’re from anywhere in the south, ... [read more]

5 Must Visit Hiking Sites in The World

Are you someone who constantly seeks adventure? Do you enjoy the thrill, rush, and excitement of hiking trips? If your answers are yes, you’re reading the right post. Yes, in this article, we will discuss the top hiking sites across the globe. So, if you’re fishing for ideas and are wondering where to head for your next trip, here are a couple of options. Inca Trail One of the most classic hikes of the world, the Inca Trail is perfect for the ones who’re looking to plunge in a trip teeming with adventure, excitement, and thrill. As you ... [read more]

Tevin Campbell Shhh for Throwback Thursday

This week’s Throwback Thursday will be featured on tomorrow’s Mixtape Friday. Tevin Campbell was that dude in the early-to-mid 90s and there’s a reasoning to him being featured. Me and my daughter was binge watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Tevin Campbell was on an episode. For those that don’t know, he appeared to sing Happy Birthday to Ashley because she liked him. My daughter asked if he was a real singer because she wasn’t familiar with him and it was before she was born. After playing his I’m Ready album, she knew that it’s ... [read more]

Choosing The Perfect Present For The Birthday Kid

There’s nothing on this earth that’s harder than picking the perfect present for a child. Well, that’s often how it feels. Even if your child isn’t spoiled, you might worry excessively as to whether or not you’re getting them the right gift for their special day. Obviously, you can ask them for a little help so as to ensure you get them something they want, but you might also want to surprise them a little. After all, that’s part of the fun of a birthday. If you want to choose the perfect present for the birthday kid then these suggestions ... [read more]

Are You Taking Better Care of Your Car Than Your Health?

We all love our cars very dearly. To us, it’s not just a motorized vehicle that gets you from one place to another, it’s like a part of your home that just happens to be mobile. You’ll spend a lot of time and effort on your car, which is why any sign of a hiccup would be a terrifying concept. There’s something else that should get this kind of attention: our bodies. If we treated our bodies the same way we treat our cars, health wouldn’t be much of an issue. Here are some tips to help you treat your “car” a lot better. 1.      Don’t let it ... [read more]

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