Listen and Stream Jealous One’s Envy for Its 25 Year Anniversary

Fat Joe has been in the rap since the early-90s and one of the more underrated spitters ever. Fat Joe is the leader of the Terror Squad and known for discovering the late, great Big Pun. Ever since Fat Joe discovered Big Pun, people seemed to forget about his skills. Joe been putting out hits for well over 25 years with his signature flow. 25 years ago today, Fat Joe released his second album Jealous One’s Envy. Representin’ was his first album and Flow Joe was the big single from his debut. Fat Joe went to a smoother and more laid back sound ... [read more]

Golden Mushrooms – Effective for Mild Psychedelic Trips

Mushrooms have been growing around for centuries now. They are a part of many cultural & spiritual rituals. There is a long history of belief & spirituality & the longing to connect with the divinity being one of the significant reasons for consumption of these naturally occurring substances. With time, came along many more variations of mushrooms which were actively discovered & consumed. One of the most famous mushrooms which give a mild high psychedelic effect is the Golden Teacher Mushrooms. As the name suggests, these ... [read more]

5 Great Benefits of a Leather Wallet for Men

Finding a wallet that suits your style can always be a challenging task. And if you are one of those who has a never-ending love affair with leather wallets, this task could be a bit more challenging. Without a doubt, the most important thing to decide is the fabric of your wallet. Also, leather is one of the most common material options for a wallet. Now, as you know, leather can be of many types; some of them are cowhide, full-grain cowhide, and horse leather. Depending on the type of leather, the texture of a wallet is different. For ... [read more]

Daddy’s Day In- 3 WFH Tips for Dads With Kids Around

Parenting is a challenge, and the pandemic has made it even tougher. As you work from home, you need to focus on your job despite the distractions with the kids scampering around the house. While mommies find the situation a tad easier to deal with, it takes a toll on dads who are not used to juggling a lot together. Since remote working seems to be a lasting arrangement for most businesses, dads need to have a strategy to give their best despite the WFH challenges they face. If you are struggling with the situation, here are a few tips that ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout 2020 Week 7 NFL Prediction

Welcome to Week 7 of the NFL season as we continue despite some positive Covid tests. We are down to three undefeated teams and the New York Jets is the only one without a win. My record last week was 5-1 and my overall mark goes up to 36-17. The winning percentage jumped from 66 to 67.9% in the process. My only came when the Arizona Cardinals beat the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night. The Cardinals used the Cowboys mistakes against them on their way to a 38-10 win. The Thursday night game puts two 1-win teams against each other. The big game ... [read more]

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