• Snoop Dogg Murder Was the Case for Throwback Thursday
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    Snoop Dogg Murder Was the Case for Throwback Thursday

    Welcome to another Thursday as that mean we are closer to the weekend. We had some R&B represented and of course, hip hop also. Keyshia Cole’s debut joint plus R.Kelly’s Hits and Unreleased Vol. 1 were played. The Big Tymers, Book of David by DJ Quik and Big Sean’s Detroit 2 was bumped. 4,5,6 from Kool G. Rap, Silverback Guerilla by Sheek Louch and the Sunset Park Soundtrack was also played. The final album that was bumped was the I Wanna Thank Me project from Snoop Dogg. I Wanna Thank Me was dropped a couple years ago and it was Snoop’s 17th solo album. The big hit from the album…

  • 4 Ways You Can Shake Things Up When You’re Stuck in A Rut

    4 Ways You Can Shake Things Up When You’re Stuck in A Rut

    We all know that feeling of being stuck in a rut. You might wake up in the morning questioning your life and where it’s heading or realize that you’ve lost sight of all your passions and things you used to enjoy. The COVID pandemic definitely hasn’t helped, since there hasn’t been much to do or many places we can go. Feeling stuck can leave you feeling outright miserable- but luckily, there are some things you can do to reconnect with yourself and with life again. Here are 4 ways you can shake things up when you’re stuck in a rut: 1. Identify the Cause When you’re stuck in a rut,…

  • 5 Ways on How to Maintain Your Car & Keep it in Good Shape

    5 Ways on How to Maintain Your Car & Keep it in Good Shape

    It is important that motorists know how to look after their automobile and keep it in the best possible condition, especially during the pandemic when many people have drastically reduced their mileage. Automobiles should not be left unused for too long, so it is important to take it out for a spin as well as to take a few steps to keep it in good condition. Read on to find out more. Check & Top Up Fluids First, it is a good idea to check the various fluids that the car needs to run properly and to top these up if required. The main fluids that need to be checked…

  • 7 Secrets to Being the World's Greatest Dad
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    7 Secrets to Being the World’s Greatest Dad

    Every dad wants to be the best dad in the world, but it isn’t just a title you can give yourself – you have to earn it. How exactly do you do that? There are many ways that you can legitimately become the best dad in the world, as far as your kids are concerned at least, and below you will find a few of them. Spend time with your kids Okay, so the most basic requirement of being the world’s greatest dad is to actually, you know, spend some time with your kids. Numerous studies have shown that boys who spend more time with their dads are less likely…

  • What Are The Benefits Of VoIP Services?

    What Are The Benefits Of VoIP Services?

    Unlike using a traditional phone system, VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol has numerous advantages to offer your business when it comes to telecommunications. VoIP is cost-effective and efficient for your business. There are many benefits that VoIP offers, and here are the main ones. 1)            Cost-Effective When using a traditional phone line, you will have to pay for every minute of call time. When making distant calls, the cost escalates even further. With VoIP, you only pay monthly charges, make inexpensive calls, and sometimes even get free calls. The hardware and software of VoIP come at a limited cost. You can get a VoIP provider that will offer you…

  • 5 Crucial Reasons You Need A Will
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    5 Crucial Reasons You Need A Will

        Most people know they should have a will. Despite knowing this, the majority makes no steps to get one drawn up. If you’re one of these people and still need convincing, here are five essential reasons you should finally bite the bullet and get a will draw up. There are no guarantees in life Though you may be taking all the necessary steps to stay healthy and fit, unexpected death can happen to anyone at any time. As difficult as it may be to imagine, you could develop a terminal illness or get into an accident. Many people avoid getting a will written up because they find it…