4 Simple Ways in Which Every Man Can Easily Stay Fit

To some people, fitness sounds like a monster that they are unable to tackle; the kind that terrifies them because no matter how much they try, they are unable to defeat it. However, one reason why people don’t achieve their fitness goals is because they put too much unhealthy pressure on themselves. Instead of losing weight, you end up gaining. Men are seen as the providers and protectors of their homes. They need to be fit to do so. If you are a man, there are some basic principles that can help you stay in shape regardless of the ... [read more]

3 Backyard Activities For the Entire Family to Enjoy

Kids just don’t get the time they need outside these days. Which is sad because playing outside is so fun and beneficial, and contributes to the physical, social and emotional well-being of children. That’s why I’m getting together to help Springfree Trampoline and KaBOOM! bring families together through safe, outdoor play and to motivate families to go outside and be active. There are so many benefits to playing outside that I’m not sure why families don’t do it more! Outdoor play allows kids to develop their physical skills and get fresh ... [read more]

2018 Eastern Conference Semifinals: Toronto vs. Cleveland

We finally have the final series in the NBA Playoffs to start their second round match-up. The #1 seed in the Eastern Conference, Toronto Raptors will take on their arch-nemesis in Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. In their first round series, Toronto managed to oust the Washington Wizards in six games, which shocked me. In another shocker, Cleveland needed the entire seven games to beat the pesky Indiana Pacers. DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry stepped up their game in the opening round against the Wizards, but now here’s their test. The ... [read more]

6 Sports You Can Do With Your Kids

Did you know that one of the best ways to bond with your kids and ensure a healthy family is to get fit with them? You could send them off to their own sports practice or kid’s class and do your own thing somewhere else but doing something fun together will bring you closer together and help you to get fit at the same time. You set an example for your kids, whether you’re trying to, so taking part in a sport with them can help to teach them long term healthy habits. If you’re thinking about the kind of sports you could try with your kids, read ... [read more]

These Hidden Costs Can Play Havoc With Your Home Move

If you’re thinking about moving home, you do need to consider the different costs that you’ll have to pay. Everything from legal fees to removals needs to be considered here. Ultimately, you can end up paying a lot more than you expected when you initially checked out the cost of your new home. Let’s look at the bills that you may not have considered for your home move. Are You Selling? If you’re moving home, it’s possible that you are selling your existing property. In this case, one of the first expenses that you will need to consider ... [read more]

5 Tips to Help People With Drug or Alcohol Problems

  Drug addiction is not a new issue. For centuries, people from around the globe have dealt with the disheartening effects of drug abuse. Speaking from someone that's known people who were drug abusers. During this time, they will need all the support possible.  Here are a few tips to help you overcome a substance abuse problem. Hang out with people who don’t use drugs In regards to decision making, peer pressure can have a very powerful impact on some people. In order to break an addiction, an individual must avoid hanging out ... [read more]

2018 Eastern Conference Semifinals: Boston Philadelphia

We finally have the first match-up in the Eastern Conference. The Boston Celtics, who finished the Milwaukee Bucks in seven host the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers finished the Miami Heat in five games to advance to the Conference semifinals. This is a series that features two of the more historical franchises in the NBA. Philadelphia comes into this series as one of the more talked about teams in the playoffs. If healthy, some are picking them to make the NBA Finals. With Boston, we know they’re without Kyrie Irving and Gordon Heyward. In Game ... [read more]

2018 Western Conference Semifinals: Houston Utah

We have the second match-up in the Western Conference Semifinals. The winner of the Golden State-New Orleans series will meet the winner of this one to advance to Conference Finals. Houston finished off the Minnesota Timberwolves in five games in their first-round series. Coming into the playoffs, Houston had the best record in the regular season and James Harden should win the MVP. Can they advance against the feisty Utah Jazz? Many people, including myself had Oklahoma City advancing past the Utah Jazz. Donovan Mitchell and Ricky Rubio lead ... [read more]

2018 Western Conference Semifinals: Golden State New Orleans

I’ll be honest, this has been one exciting NBA Playoffs so far. For Golden State, they played their first-round series without Steph Curry as he’s dealing with a knee injury. Klay Thompson stepped up in the series against the Spurs. Kevin Durant lead the Warriors as expected, but JaVale McGee really had some awesome moments in the series. Will Steph Curry return for this series? Surprisingly, New Orleans swept their series against Portland. As expected, Anthony Davis dominated the series and put up a MVP-performance against the Trailblazers. ... [read more]

Big Pun Released Capital Punishment 20 Years Ago Today

Big Pun is one of my favorite rappers of all-time, period. It’s hard to believe that he’s been gone for over 18 years now. Big Pun appeared on a few projects before his debut, like Fat Joe’s classic Jealous One’s Envy. Big Pun had everything in a rapper from lyrics, great music making ability and flow for a man his size. With great appearances, the anticipation for his debut album was through the roof because we wanted to hear an entire album from him. Capital Punishment debuted on April 28, 1998 and the first single was released almost nine ... [read more]