Leave Your Front Door as You Would from the Barbershop

The relationship between a man and his barber is a sacred one. But, what happens when a man’s family comes in between? Being a father and a husband leaves little time for professional pampering, and choosing a closer blade feels like a weird kind of adultery, right? Unless you choose to go full DIY. These are the essential tricks and products for keeping your hair and beard tamed and stylish at home. Upgrade Your Gear In case you’re still planning to see your barber in the nearest future, it might be better to lay off the scissors. But ... [read more]

Meek Mill Dreams and Nightmares Intro Throwback Thursday

If you’re a hip-hop fan, then you know the big news is that Meek Mill is finally free. After all the drama with him and the judge in Philly, the Federal courts freed him. When Meek left prison, he headed straight to Game 5 of the 76ers-Heat series. Meek Mill has always been an artist I’ve always kept up with so it’s a must to feature him on Throwback Thursday. One of my favorite Meek Mill tracks is the Intro to his Dreams and Nightmares album. The entire album is dope, but that Intro track is one of the best intro tracks EVER in hip hop. This ... [read more]

10 Ways to Promote a Healthy Body and Mind for Kids

As a parent, we always want to make sure our kids are as healthy as possible. One thing we need to do is make sure they’re eating healthy foods. To go with a healthy body, we also want our kids to have a healthy mind. At times, we tend to steer in the wrong direction, but below are some things to help myself and other parents. Check out these 10 Ways to Promote a Healthy Body and Mind for Kids. HEALTHY BODY Apple Sauce Pouches - In a world full of 'fake news' and fake foods, Tree Top wants you to rest easy knowing one thing is real - ... [read more]

The Basics of Deep Sea Fishing: 3 Ways to Help With That

Deep sea fishing is one of the most popular leisure activities of Americans and thousands of other nations every year. To date, there are over fifty million registered fishers in the United States alone, and all of these individuals have fishing licenses. This figure should give you a pointer as to how widespread this hobby really is. Compared to other types of angling, deep sea fishing is thought of as complicated business. Some species of fish are unavailable in mainly shallow waters, and these range from marlin to swordfish and tuna, too. ... [read more]

5 Easy Snacks to Take on Your Family Picnic

Today, April 23rd is officially National Picnic Day and that’s a perfect time for quality time with your family. Unfortunately, it’s a cool, rainy day in Georgia so my family won’t have a chance to do a picnic. Either way, my youngest daughter starts her cheerleading tryouts today, so she wouldn’t be able to do it. For me, if we all can’t make it, then it just wouldn’t take place. Either way, we know all the basics when it comes to picnics, but we all love some great snacks. Below are 5 healthy snacks to bring with you on your family picnic ... [read more]

How To Choose The Right Punching Bag

If you’ve been thinking of putting together a special room or you want to organize your basement so that you can work out comfortably and effectively, you might know that installing a heavy bag is good for your health and resistance training. The trouble with getting your first punching bag is that there are several essential aspects you have to keep in mind to make sure that you are able to select the right product both for your physical attributes and your skills right now. There’s a short guide below that can take you through the critical ... [read more]

4 Vital Tips for a Stress Free Move

Moving is hard. You find yourself surrounded by boxes, bin bags and people; you are also unsure of where all of your stuff is located. Moving house is one of the most stressful events out there, and if you don’t have a well thought out plan- it could become overwhelming. So how can you put together a plan that will help you have a stress free move? Well luckily you don’t have to, because companies such as openpropertygroup.com have done one for you. The plan below is an excellent guideline that will prepare you for your big move, and ... [read more]

3 Simple Ways In Balancing Form And Function In Your Decor

When it comes to defining the “style” of a space in the home, there are two ways that people tend to overdo it. The former choose style over substance, creating a consistent, gorgeous look, but at the sacrifice of space, sense, and usability in their design. The others do the opposite, creating a soulless yet utilitarian space. Here, we’re going to look at how you strike up a little balance between the two in your bedroom. Watch this space If there’s something that’s going to get in the way of the proper functionality of a space, it’s ... [read more]

Making That Ultimate Commitment… To An Engagement Ring!

Marriage - it’s a big commitment, isn’t it? Your wedding day is the day you choose to solidify your devotion to your partner and agree to be together until death do you part. When you love your other half, making that commitment is surprisingly easy. But choosing the engagement ring? Now that’s the hard part! Need some help with this important decision? Here are some tips for choosing the perfect engagement ring. Do some subtle hinting Let’s face it; most women know what they want - especially when it comes to their engagement ... [read more]

Listen and Stream J. Cole KOD Album Now

It has been a huge week in the world of hip hop. Kanye West returned to Twitter and announced a slew of albums due out via G.O.O.D Music. Kanye will bless us with a new album on June 1st. West teams up with Kid Cudi on June 8th for a new album. If that wasn’t enough, Kanye said a new Pusha T album on May 25th and Teyana Taylor dropping on May 25th. Before that, Drake announced he’ll drop his new album, Scorpion in June. KOD was released by J. Cole at midnight, so you can check it out here or you can stream it below. Where are all my J. ... [read more]